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jake1983 - on 05 Jun 2013
Hi all, I would like to go to Basque country in the summer and do some climbing. I am looking for single pitch bolted crags and wondering if anyone could recommend any, near the coast preferably as that is where we will be based as we are doing some surfing as well. My partner is new to climbing hence the single pitch and looking for 25m - 30 m max routes.

Any info would be appreciated.


PeakDJ on 05 Jun 2013
In reply to jake1983:

We did some single pitch sport as a break from bigger stuff in the mountains. There are loads of crags around within 45 mins of the coast and one right on the coast somewhere near Llanes. I can't remember the name of the beach or crag, but it was right on the beach with a beautiful natural arch. It looked like this place had loads of easy routes so probably a good bet - sorry I can't be more help with this one!

Poo de Cabrales is great (you should find topos online), plus the stuff in the la hermida gorge. If you drive into the village there is even a board with a photo topo outside the tourist information office and the crag is in the middle of the village
jake1983 - on 05 Jun 2013
In reply to PeakDJ: Thanks very much for that info, been trawling the net for days looking for stuff!!

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