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londonoring - on 06 Jun 2013
I know this has been brought up in other posts, but I wanted to see what people think about the products out right now. My feet are very wide, and I have been climbing in Gallileos for the past year, with a good level of comfort, however my heels do not fully fill in the heal box so I have trouble with heel hooks. I have been climbing for a couple of years and would like something comfortable but with a somewhat high level of performance.
So, what else have hobbit footed people had success with or should I just get another pair of Gallileos?
snoop6060 - on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to londonoring:

I have really wide feet and get on with the Moccasyms from 5.10. They aren't lined, so stretch well. But they are not as stiff as the Gallieos. They are generally very good, but go sloppy a bit quick. Nothing a pair of socks doesn't solve. For harder sport climbing though, I deal with the pain and wear tight muiras.
AlanLittle - on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to snoop6060:

Katana Laces are a bit wider than Miuras - sufficiently so that my not particularly narrow feet never felt particularly secure in them. But lots of people seem to really like them.
turtlespit - on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to londonoring: try the scarpa Instinct range. I've got both the Instinct Lace and Slipper and they're great in terms of width. I've also got a pair of Anasazi VCS that aren't really wide enough for me, and am planning to replace them with the Galileo once they die. Based on a store comparison between the VCS and Galileo, I'd say the instincts should be width enough for you.

General note about shoes that are too narrow - they can lead to mortens neuromas (swollen inflamed nerves in the feet) which can require surgery if they get bad enough.
willriseley on 07 Jun 2013 - host86-149-161-223.range86-149.btcentralplus.com
In reply to londonoring: scrapa fit wide feet well. the slippers are a good shoe and dont bag out to much.
GrahamD - on 07 Jun 2013
In reply to londonoring:

I've got wide feet and I find velcros work best. I've used Red Chili Spirit VCRs for a while now (3rd pair) and they work well for me.

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