/ any advice for a fairly new climber

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markw1990 on 15 Jun 2013 - host86-137-205-234.range86-137.btcentralplus.com
hi guys, im kinda new to rock climbing however i have some climbing experience from working at height and climbing fixed structures for work, i have experience with use of harnesses and some experience with rope access equipment. does anyone know of any courses,training available in the northamptonshire area,i have already spoken to the pinnacle climbing center nd they have given me some good info on courses they run, but i would like some other options/ comparisons.
csw on 16 Jun 2013
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The standard reply to this question is to find your local club and join, although most clubs I think would like you to have a basic level of competence, since they're not in the business of training. Find your local walls and crags and go there, climb, meet people, climb with them - once you start it tends to snowball......
jamie ward - on 18 Jun 2013
In reply to markw1990: Are you available midweek daytime? If so I could put you through your paces either at a local wall or crag, I belong to a club and we are always on the lookout for new members, personally I run my own courses and could offer you a few free taster days if your interested?
email@ jamiewardcg4u@gmail.com
spacecadetjake - on 08 Jul 2013
In reply to markw1990: Just a thought ... Maybe get a boulder mat and get outdoors so you can train for climbing and learn what rock actually feels like. You may then have the chance to meet other climbers, which could open up a new world. I did a course with my wife indoors and now I know a little about climbing outdoors I realise the course was possibly a waste of time and money but it did start me off.

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