/ Looking for climbing partner(s) in Mid/ North Wales

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stuckinspace - on 20 Jun 2013
Hey, I'm looking to start leading outside and live around Mid/ North Wales (Oswestry/ Wrexham).

I'm looking for someone/ group to climb with possibly this Weekend (22nd June) around Trevor/ llangollen if the weathers good and someones available, who is more experienced than me, to double check I'm setting up anchors/ cleaning up correctly etc.
I've done lots of top roping indoors and leading whilst on a top rope and now keen to venture outside!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
In reply to stuckinspace: the weather won't be good this weekend (sorry!) but, if you want to get involved in a group, mostly of a similar age, and from that area, check out the North East Wales Mountaineering Club, either on www.newmc.org.uk, or on our facebook group (more upto date!)

We're out regularly as a club, in the local area, nationally, and further afield too, with a strong emphasis on making climbing affordable and enjoyable to everyone involved,

stuckinspace - on 20 Jun 2013
In reply to Cookie (North East Wales MC): Ah thought as much, ah well indoor it is haha. Getting into a group sounds like the way forward, I'll check you guys out, thanks!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.