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Taer - on 22 Jun 2013
Hey hey,

A few months ago I made the fatal mistake of buying some shoes that were the wrong size to run in, initially not a problem however after a while a burning sensation on my heel made me realise something was wrong.

Needless to say I scrapped the shoes however since then the burning sensation hasn't gone.

Anyone got any advice on this, it hasn't got any worse (apart from when I'm really gunning it and running on toes) it's more just a preventing it from getting worse that I'm looking for.

Cheers Al
Clint86 - on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer: My experience of problems with Achilles tendons is to rest and stretch. Not much help I guess. Not sure you can run through it.
JamButty - on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer: ooh don't run through it, lots of stretching, rest, ice and heat mix a bit - go on tinternet look for eccentric stretching.
If its still the same after a week or so of resting I'd get to a physio.

Long dark path if you ignore these things.....
Andy Clarke - on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to JamButty: Second the advice about eccentrics. Keeps my achilles tendonitis under control: one foot heel drops on the stairs, then using the other foot to return to horizontal.
Uluru on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer: You have my sympathy. I've just recovered from an achilles injury and from the physio bills associated with it!

I'd definitely second what people above have said. Ice at least once a day, more often is preferable.


1. Stand on tiptoe on the edge of a step, then drop your heel into a good stretch and hold it for 15-30 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
2. Stand facing a wall with you injured foot about 10cm away from the wall and your other foot behind. Bend the knee closest to the wall and lean slightly forward so it touches the wall, whilst ensuring your foot is still flat on the ground. Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat.

The physio told me to do these stretches every hour during the few weeks of my injury.

Stop running until the pain subsides or you could end up with long term problems!
In reply to Taer: Good advice so far, and there's more here: http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?t=542842

I'm stretching religiously, roller, regular physio etc, plus a bit of podiatrist fun and some new orthotic insoles, and there's a gradual but not spectacular improvement after a few months. Have knocked all long hillwalking days on the head since winter, and definitely NO running. But climbing seems ok. Good luck. Don't ignore it.
Moley on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer:
It's a sod of an injury and you have my sympathy. I would book appointment with a good physio for starters. It's not possible to offer good advice on here without much more info (age, lifestyle etc.), many things can have an impact on the injury.

But stop running till you've had an expert assessment or you risk some serious time out. I've been there, done that - it can be horrible. Good luck
Allan Watson - on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer:

I'd second what other people on here have said about not ignoring it. I've had a sore achilles for just over a month now and it ain't going away of its own accord. Trouble is I'm terribly lazy about doing stretches and stuff. Will need to see a physio when I get back to the uk...
Ben Sharp - on 23 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer: What people have said about achilles tendonitis is all good advice ,although the eccentric heels dips are more of a strengthening exercise than a stretch. Though obviously in the final parts of the movement the muscle is being stretched, the primary function of the exercise is to get the tendon to regenerate (so I was told anyway).

Having said all that you said the problem was a burning sensation on your heel, given the title of your thread I take it you mean the pain is at the part of your heel where the achilles tendon connects to it. You can google image a picture of the achilles tendon to make sure it's definitely that, from the upper part of the heel up through the calf. If it's in another part of your heel it's something else.

I'd ice it and rest it till it stopped hurting then start with gentle stretches followed by the eccentric heel dips when it felt better again. Don't do the exercises if it's still really hurting. The dips should help it from coming back. Massaging the area and stretching your calf muscles would be a good idea as well.

Don't go "gunning it and running on your toes" until it's better and stronger than it was before! It doesn't sound too severe but Achilles tendonosis is the progression if you ignore/train through it and if you let it get to that stage you're f*cked.
maxsmith - on 23 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer: I suffered the same injury from hill running about two years ago, I'm still not fully cured but getting there!

Stretches didn't work well for me, as they agitated the tendon.

I found the eccentric calf raises were best (do them on the flat to start rather than stairs if dropping your heels agitates the tendons) and also self massage of your calf...

With the eccentric exercises, remember to do them both straight leg and bent knee, as that stretches different muscles in your calves

Good luck, can be a niggly one to cure so dont take any risks...

Insoles helped me as well..
Taer - on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to Ben Sharp:

Hi guys,

First things first thanks for all the advice i haven't been on over the weekend so only just picked it up.

With regards to your post Ben, the area that is burning is exactly as you said where the achilese joins the foot (just as my foot starts curving under).

I have been looking at a lot of advice from online, and haven't started the stretches but have tried the calf raises which haven't really helped.

I will look into the stretches some more and progress on to these!

Thanks once again for all the advice, the problem is I live in Crookes in Sheffield (on top of a massive hill) so can't really rest it because, according to some websites, walking uphill aggrevates the tendons.

Will start an icing ritual as well hopefully be able to shake it soon!

Thanks again

Skol on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer:
Hi Taer,
With regards to your post Ben, the area that is burning is exactly as you said where the achilese joins the foot (just as my foot starts curving under).

So is this where the soft Achilles joins the bony bit on the back of your heel, or, below this so that you almost stand on it?
Moley on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to Taer:
You must be aware that you may do it further damage by taking on "self treatment" without some expert advice/assessment.

When mine were bad, stretches had to be very limited and built up over several weeks to a full stretch, or you may continue aggravating the problem. No walking uphill or even cycling uphill, I also used 'hot and cold' treatment and had acupuncture in my achiles - that makes you go cross eyed just thinking about it.
nufkin - on 25 Jun 2013
If I may hijack a little bit - does anyone who's experience this know if there's a difference in symptoms between tendonitis and tendonosis, and if there's a difference in how to go about treating?

I only ask because I my understanding is that the two aren't quite the same thing - and I fear I too may have one or the other
Skol on 25 Jun 2013
In reply to nufkin:
Hi Nufkin,
Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon, and this responds to NSAIDS, rest and ice.

Tendonosis, is different. It involves alteration of the cell matrix, and especially the type of collagen fibre. Type 1 the strong white stuff is replaced with type 3. This will not respond to NSAIDS, and in fact these can harm the remodelling. There is no inflammation present. Tendonosis responds to frictions an eccentric exs etc.

There is a train of thought that most chronic tendon injuries are tendonosis. Studies show that lateral epicondylitis ie tennis elbow, is in fact a tendonosis and not inflammatory.

nufkin - on 25 Jun 2013
In reply to Skol:

Thanks - my limited layman's understanding of this is that tendonitis hurts more as activity continues, whereas tendonosis hurts to begin with and then less so as things warm up/loosen up.

Either way, it looks like I ought to stop running for a bit

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