/ FS: full trad rack inc. shoes harness etc.

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freyja - on 23 Jun 2013
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Ideal starter trad rack for sale. all items are used, condition variable but generally excellent. £220 for all gear (preferred), or priced individually as below:
Having a clearout of duplicate items.

All prices are negotiable and postage is not included.

Link to a gumtree ad for more photos.


2 x 50m half ropes - good condition, light use, no factor 2 falls - £45 for pair, £25 each
1 x Troll climbing harness - £15
1 x Chalk bag - £4
7 x Quickdraws - 5 x 18cm, 1 x 12cm, 3 x 6cm various makes - (one more 5cm found since picture) £30 for all 7, or £5 each
1 x pair Boreal bouldering shoes - size 7 - £20 - toes as new, very little wear
1 x pair Scapa shoes - size 8.5 - £20 - toes as new, very little wear
various Ab tat (the blue, yellow and red cord) - £5
2 x HMS screwgate carabiner - £9 or £5 each (will throw in old school belay for free if you buy both)
2 x screwgate carabiner - £5 or £3 each
1 x half rack of 4 small nuts plus carabiner - £15
1 x full rack of Wild country rocks on wire, basically brand new + carabiner - £40
1 x full set of 8 hexes on rope - £35

Disclaimer: i would be more than happy to climb on all this gear (and have, just have duplicates now having lucked out with a climbing boyfriend), however i offer no warranty for any of this gear, and you climb entirely at your own risk.
freyja - on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to freyja:

ropes and Boreal shoes now gone. Everything else still available.
Firestarter on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to freyja:

You have mail re: rocks
Leo Woodhead - on 25 Jun 2013
In reply to freyja: Are the quickdraws still going? Any chance all in postage inc for £30?
freyja - on 27 Jun 2013
In reply to Leo Woodhead:
Hi Leo. Sorry, I didn't see you reply here, but they are promised to someone local already. They are picking them up on Monday, if that falls through, I'll get in touch if you're still interested.
freyja - on 27 Jun 2013
In reply to freyja:
SOLD: all shoes, ropes, a set of rocks, provisionally qds.
Still giong: half set of nuts (I think we now found enough to make a mixed and matched full set of nuts), set of hexes, some screw gate carabiners, tat, chalk bag, climbing harness (this one is a bit basic, I'd take £10 posted or smth like that, perhaps include free with another purchase). If you want to buy something and want tat/chalk bag similar items as extra gifts, just ask

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