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Advice for a hiking camera rucksack? Large DSLR (5D 3) with battery pack. Large wide angle and a coupe of other lenses inc, 70-300mm. Spare body, (450D) and bits and bobs. Be handy, but not essential, to fit a laptop and foods / spare sweater in too.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm saving for a Lowepro Rover Pro 45L ATM.


The old and discontinued Lowe Pro Rover AW and Compurover AW are worth looking out for used, but have a much lower capacity than the Pro 45L.



I have a Compurover AW in good nick, if you want to make me an offer.

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Actually, reading your OP, the Compurover would struggle badly to hold what you list.
chris fox on 27 Jun 2013
Philip on 27 Jun 2013
I have this:


It has good padded waist and shoulder straps.
The fast access camera pocket holds my 60D (previously 400D + battery grip = probably same size as 5D) with 120-400mm Sigma attached. I also fit a 60mm macro and 17-85 zoom + large flash. There are velcro repositionable dividers.

The top section has room for 4 field guide + 2 binoculars, or more usually lunch + binoculars + couple of guides + first aid kit + map + tools.

There are two handy card holders and a battery (or knife) slot on the should strap. The small outer pocket is big enough for charger + batteries. There is a mesh holder that fits a water bottle and a zip to put a laptop in the back - but I use it to secure my monopod.

There is a larger 350 model. The newer "video" version has a pull over cover and tripod straps - but I don't know if the internal space is as open.

I've been looking for a better holdall as the one limiting factor for me is that if I don't have the 120-400 on the body then the only place to store it is the top section. But I haven't found any other bag that would offer this improvement and no loss of other features.
ChrisJD on 27 Jun 2013
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What's your budget?
KevinD - on 27 Jun 2013
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I havent found any which works really well.
Tend to use a mix of Lowe pro toploader and a daysack with everything else inside or my normal rucksack when out bimbling with a decent load.
I vaguely recall a while back when it came up someone mention getting some foam and converting a rocksack properly.
Bimble on 27 Jun 2013
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I just use insert cases inside my normal rucksack when in the hills, as I'm not prepared to splash out daft money on a camera-specific pack.
AndrewHuddart - on 27 Jun 2013
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Dakine sequence is pretty good and holds lots - it'll take day's off piste gear plus two bodies, lenses, flashes etc. Comfy to carry, built in rain cover and probably well worth a look. Feels like a 40L bag when it's on.
Tall Clare - on 27 Jun 2013
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I was given one of these: http://store.lowepro.com/backpacks/flipside-500-aw

It's a very comfortable backpack, which helps. The only thing I doubt it'd fit in would be the laptop, though because the whole back opens up you could put the laptop flat over everything else.

In theory you can open it up without taking it off though this isn't immediately obvious - I think it's the main criticism of it.
Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated!

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> (In reply to stroppygob)
> What's your budget?

Up to $300, but it would virtually have to carry itself to make it worth $300

ChrisJD on 28 Jun 2013
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My main camera rucksack is a LowePro AW Rover-II. Series 1 body, three/four lenses inc 70-200mm, filters, tripod etc (even managed to get a 100-400 in it). No good for laptop though. Not made any more, but can pick up on eBay for around £50 ish.
In reply to stroppygob: Thanks Chris, sounds good, I'll look out for one.
Nadir khan - on 30 Jun 2013
In reply to stroppygob: My preference is the Fstop loka bag , easily the best bag I have used and takes all the camera kit I need as well as my climbing kit . worth considering
In reply to stroppygob: Hi again, thanks for all the tips, in the end I went for a Lowepro Flipside 400 AW SLR (Price: AU $90.00)

Hopefully it will do what I need.
shaun walby - on 08 Jul 2013
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Good thread looking...iam still (have been looking for 3 yrs) for the bivy(thats bivy bag and sleeping bag)/food/water/DLSR/Lens up 200mm main tripod....photographic sac, so far ive always used a 55Lts normal hiking sac....to have a section for toggin kit only would be great,anyone seen/using this type of thing yet?

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