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Bimble on 02 Jul 2013
Just wondering if anyone had any experience of Wisport rucksacks? They are a Polish brand, and from the scant info I've found in English, are meant to be associated with the Polish military. I quite fancy one of their bags for use at work, but am wondering if anyone's got any experience with their kit, quality of it etc. before I splash out on one.
RockShock on 02 Jul 2013
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All I know is from the Polish forums, no direct experience.

As you rightly say, apart from making rucksacks for trekkers etc, they make models for the army. All of the opinions I heard are that the rucksacks are well made and very robust. Downsides would probably be weight and relatively simple design (for me it's a downside, but for many people it's an advantage)
I think you can expect a solid product that will last years, will be relatively comfortable and should not cost you a lot.
If you let me know the specific model name, I can look for some info on the Polish forums.

Note: most of the people say that the capacity in liters seems to be always less than other producers with the same number. So might be good to see the rucksack to see if the size is right for you

Bimble on 02 Jul 2013
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Superb, thanks mate. My Polish is limited to 'hello', so I can't really check without using google translate, and that's not the most reliable! This is the one I'm looking at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wisport-Raccoon-Rucksack-Security-Backpack/dp/B00BFULBNY/ref=pd_sim_sbs_sg_6

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.