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Static - on 11 Jul 2013
My bike frame came half painted which I've never liked much.

Does anyone have any advice of how I can strip a titanium frame? Don't know whether to try Nitromors or getting it shotblasted.

balmybaldwin - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to Static:

Have you tried acetone (nail polish remover) it might take it off with a bit of elbow grease?
woolsack - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to Static: Look up 'vapour bead blasting' in your local area. Much less aggressive than sand or shot but leaves a lovely even satin finish. Make sure you wash the frame out thoroughly after though, it uses a glass bead which gets a glass dust everywhere.
beardy mike - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to Static: you might want to try these guys - soda blasting is the gentlest of blasting - you can even blast rubber without damaging it! they're good guys - I did a car body with them... http://www.suttonsodablasting.co.uk/
Static - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to mike kann:

Thanks for the ideas, will try them.
Rigid Raider - on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to Static:

Nitromors and rubber gloves. Finish with Brillo pads.
sarahjk - on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to Static:

How about getting stickers off a Ti frame ? fancy my roadbike looking plain and simple.
mike_uk82 - on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to Static:

nitromors will do the job, but its nasty stuff.

If you're going to get it blasted go for Soda. It will strip the paint but not touch the metal. Vapourblasting or dry blasting would be ok but some of the companies who do this don't always bother to change to the correct grit or pressure. If you're not careful some muppet could blast a hole through your frame or warp it.

If you pm me your rough area I may have a contact who can help you out with blasting if you decide to go that route.
adam11 - on 13 Jul 2013
I made my own Soda Blaster out of a plastic jar and some petrol hose. I use it frequently on my race bikes. A quick rinse afterwards and you're good to go You do need a fairly big compressor though.
nr on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to sarahkeast:

Stickers? If they don't just peel off, you can buy sticker remover from Homebase/B&Q etc. easily enough. Alternatively, petrol is excellent for getting rid of any sticky residue, if you can put up with the smell.

Ti is pretty impervious to most things that you're likely to be able to use easily, so to answer the OP, nitromors and rubber gloves will be just fine. I'd be happy to use that on my frame if I had to, no worries. That said, I saw a Ti frame that had been beadblasted recently to a dull matt finish, and it looked bloody lovely. I don't know what the composition of the blasting medium was, sadly.

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