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BarrySW19 on 22 Jul 2013
So, I've not really done a lot of outdoor type stuff before, but I'm off on a couple of climbing trips in Aug and Sept and wanted to know what sort of clothing and any other outdoor essentials I should be getting in preparation.

Any advice?
BarrySW19 on 22 Jul 2013
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Probably useful to mention that Swanage and the Peak District will be the destinations really...
tlm - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19:

Take full waterproofs (top and bottom)
Layering is the key - the weather can change during the day.
Quick drying and stretchy, so things that you might already have, like tracksuit bottoms are fine.
Check the weather - if hot take:
sun cream, midge cream
It can be quite a bit colder in the wind, so a windproof layer is useful (can just be your waterproof)
trousers with zip off bottoms so they convert into shorts give quite a lot of flexibility.
Jeans are pretty slow to dry if they get wet, but seem to be the latest trendy thing - I think you can get quick drying, stretchy jeans these days, but they cost a bit...

Make sure you take plenty of water and some sarnies, a nut key, helmet,
dr_botnik - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19: I'd get a really cheap fleece from somewhere like decathalon that you wouldn't mind getting ragged in various arm jam/chimneying situations. Maybe a down jacket too? But definatly don't wear any expensive gear when climbing the grit!
GrahamD - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19:

For the Peak and Swanage whatever your comfortable with. I just carry a cheap Peter Storm waterproof for cragging because if its really throwing it down I'm not likely to be climbing ! You do NOT need expensive stuff 'proved by athletes' in the Himalaya and therefore costing an arm and a leg.

I find cheap walking trousers, A thermal and a cheap fleece are fine. Not a bad idea to investy in a cheap windproof either. Sports direct are a reasonable source of all this stuff. You will get the stuff scuffed / covered in seagull crap !
Kirill - on 22 Jul 2013
Owen W-G - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19:

Wouldn't get too hung up on clothing for those venues. If it rains you can always go to the pub. I started off my climbing career dressed in River Island and Levis. IIf you are in the mood to shop, a non-sweaty T Shirt, lightweight fleece and GoreTex Shell, walking trousers downstairs should do for starters. Plus a spare jumper just in case.
GrahamD - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to Owen W-G:

Why do you need a goretex shell for cragging at Swanage ?
jezb1 - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19: Jeans and a T-shirt... Job done.

I'll normally have a softshell type thing too and a set of waterproof so I don't get wet walking back to the car should I be rained off.

Ramblin dave - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19:
I tend to wear Moon Cypher 3/4 lengths for cragging - they aren't inherently better than trackies or whatever, but they're fairly cheap (comparable to high street jeans or whatever) and, despite my best efforts, seem to be indestructible.

A windproof is one bit of technical kit that is really useful, because it keeps you comparatively warm when you top out from your nice sheltered crag into a howling gale. Then cheapo long-sleeved baselayers in lurid colours from Mountain Warehouse / similar discount places - again, a normal t-shirt would be fine, but they're hardly extravagant and stop me trashing something I actually like.

Then a cheap lightweight waterproof for legging it back to the car in. I've got a reasonably nice one because I go walking in it, in practice a generic cag in a bag or plastic poncho would probably be fine for cragging.

Ross McGibbon - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19:
Tweed. Very good for abrasion resistance and lets everyone know you are a good sort of a chap.
tew on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to BarrySW19: look at the weather and then use your head. if its 20+ degrees then shorts and tee shirt (my preferred option), or what ever you feel comfortable in.

if its going to rain then the same, but be indoors with a cup of tea and a lump of cake or with if you really want put a water proof on.

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