/ Nordisk Trollheimen 2 SI Tent

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hfisher on 23 Jul 2013
Does anyone have any experience of this tent?
im looking at buying one for this coming winter but cant seem to find much info.


Timmd on 23 Jul 2013
In reply to hfisher:

None at all I'm afraid. I suppose you could ask for them to send you some more detailed pics of the inner tent?

If it looks the same as the Terra Nova Quasar in method of attaching the poles and things, it's probably fine. I've found my Quasar okay when it comes to the design.

From what I can see it looks like a pretty close copy of the Quasar, but with a higher bathtub for groundsheet on the tent inner, and a way of snapping the outer door closes with magnets, according to the blurb.

That's just my thoughts though, I could be wildly wrong...
davidbeynon on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to hfisher:

My advice would be to see if you can see one set up somewhere. If the materials and seams feel good quality then they probably are.

I bought a tent from an almost unknown (in the UK) manufacturer a couple of years ago and have done very well with it, so don't be put off by the fact that nobody has heard of them.
timmsy - on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to hfisher: The shop in Buxton sells them. Please bear in mind that they are an original shop still in existence despite all the internet competition so i urge you not to abuse any goodwill. Try visit and negotiate a price through them so that they get something out of it.
There is a Nordland erected in shop.
Good luck

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.