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Hi All,

Here's a fun little video to show how far we're upto at Awesome Walls Sheffield.

Progress can be followed on our Facebook site-

Or on our Blog page-

Don't worry about the membership fee, we don't charge one!

If you'd like to pre-register (to save time) before we open you can pop into any one of our centres and fill a membership form out. If you're already an Awesome Walls member can use your current card.

Membership forms can be down loaded here-
Terms and Conditions here-

If you send your completed membership form with a stamped addressed envelope to Awesome Walls Climbing Centre, Garter Street, Sheffield, S4 7QX we'll send you your membership card back and a little gift for the first 100 members.

We're still aiming for a September 2013 opening.

Happy climbing,

Dave Douglas
Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

Ian Broome - on 29 Jul 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls:

It would be interesting to see a time lapse of the project... but i'm guessing your more busy building walls!

Good luck with the build.
In reply to Ian Broome:

It's much easier (and fun) to do these small videos now and again.
Time lapse is 'Old Skool' (plus it's a pain).

Thanks for the good luck.

Dave D
Mike_Gannon - on 03 Aug 2013
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls: Another Awesome Walls!!! And who said there's no money in running a climbing wall. I'm a member at Stockport and visited Stoke and Liverpool. All built to a high atandard, and well maintained. Never seen a nasty only waxy polished hold like some other neglected places. Well done guys can't wait to see Sheffield too.

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