/ Budget tablet with best quality screen for viewing photos?

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Preferably less than £200, and 9 or 10 inches, if that's possible at that price.

Cantankerous - on 26 Jul 2013
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If you really want 9-10 inch you might be able to find a Archos tablet in that price range. I have had them before and although for the price they are excellent, they don't scream quality.

I would seriously look at a Nexus 7, for what you get at the price (£159) it is pretty unbelievable. Was very happy with mine and they are excellent for viewing photos. However, the new version will be out soon so might be worth holding out for that.
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Cheers. The Archos Titanium 97 HD Tablet is looking very interesting for £190ish.

Dauphin on 26 Jul 2013
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Be careful with an Archos. They have a habit of being shit. Dropping support. Read through their support forums and then decide...

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Cheers. Will have a gander.
The Lemming - on 27 Jul 2013
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> Preferably less than £200, and 9 or 10 inches, if that's possible at that price.

You have two choices of either a tablet for < £200 or a 9 to 10 inch tablet. As with most things in life, you can't have both and if you do then it will most probably be a lemon.

The best tablet in my opinion, android wise, is a Nexus 7. For a 9 to 10 inch android tablet then the floor is wide open however Samsung get very good reviews.

You could always buy last year's kit if you can find any which will always be cheaper, but not necessarily bad.

If you want a 10 inch tablet but £30 over budget, then you won't go far wrong with an ASUS MeMo Pad. I have looked at them in PC World and was impressed with them. But then I am biased as I have the older model, which came with a removable keyboard as well. Apart from the keyboard, the specs are virtually the same and I have no complaints what so ever with the screen resolution or speed of the kit in general.

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I'm going to give the Archos Titanium 97 HD a whirl at £190 for a 9.7inch Retina display. Reviews are positive on the whole.

The Lemming - on 27 Jul 2013
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Nice looking tablet, and more importantly for me, it comes with vanilla Android. With my ASUS kit this means that I get updates to the Android OS very quickly when ever a new version is released. My Tablet shipped with ICS but not logn after release I got Jelly Bean 4.2.

Sadly not all man manufacturers update their software, if it has been highly customised, which is probably why my Samsung phone still has Gingerbread on it.

Hopefully Archos will roll out updates on a regular basis.

I had a look at a few reviews and the Titanium 97 HD gets good comments however it only has 512Mb of RAM in one of the specs I read and the review did say that the Tablet was sluggish because of this.

The SD card slot is a big bonus and if you do get this computer may I suggest that you buy a Category 10 micro SD card. The read/write speed differences between this and other cards, such as cheap Category 4 cards, is quite noticeable.

veteye on 27 Jul 2013
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Latest PC Pro magazine has a review of about 10 compact tablets this month.You may want to read it.The winner is the Asus Fonepad with a 7in screen,but loads of battery life.Cost £179 inc vat with 3G connectivity.
Unfortunately the review only covers a cheaper Archos.
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Cheers. I want a 10 inch Super HD screen, basically just for mobile viewing of photos.

I'm not too fussed about any of the other features, though I'll no doubt use some of them.

I already have an iPhone 5 packed with apps.
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Cheers, will look out for a fast SD card.

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