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Scoobydoo1 on 05 Aug 2013 - whois?
I'm looking to buy a fingerboard as a gift and notice that the beastmaker ones sound like they have great reviews. The only question is which is better - the 1000 or 2000?

The planned recipient can do 5/6 routes (but does the easier 7's abroad) - sorry about the poor use of terminology - I'm not a climber!

They already have a pull up board and climb a couple of times a week.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Nick Russell on 05 Aug 2013
In reply to Scoobydoo1:

Assuming you mean French sport grades, the BM1000 is probably most appropriate. I currently climb low 7s and feel like I'm not going to need the 2000 for a long time yet.
Scoobydoo1 on 05 Aug 2013 - whois?
In reply to Scoobydoo1: yes I think its the French grades
AJM - on 05 Aug 2013
In reply to Scoobydoo1:

Someone with more knowledge might be and to correct me, but I think the 1000 is a 2000 with some of the tinier holds removed and some big jugs added. If the recipient already has a pull up bar which your post suggests they do then the jugs don't add anything, and the little holds give you something to aspire towards. But either should do the job really - all fingerboards will do much the same thing (although I definitely prefer wood to resin as its more skin friendly) if you are equally motivated to use them.
parberoo - on 06 Aug 2013
In reply to Scoobydoo1:
I have spent time on both boards and would advise that the 1000 is likely to be most fun. The pockets are pretty deep on the 1000 for the most part and it doesn't get much hard than 3 fingers from what I remember. I think the slopers are 30 degrees?

The 2000 is generally shallower and more 2-finger and mono pockets with the notorious 45s instead of the jugs. The 2000 also has a lot going on in the middle, presumably for one-armed stuff. There is a massive 4 finger pocket in the middle with a less deep one under it. You can pair these with any other hold to bring in the harder stuff. Just need to allow a bit of room as you're pulling on the left or right of the board rather than the middle.

To be honest, I am not he-man and can be quite lazy about training. It is easy enough to straddle a pair of 2-finger pockets to use all 4 if you need to. Same applies to 3-finger stuff so you can soon improvise. The benefit of the 2000 is mainly in that it gives more room for progression but if sloping mono progression is unlikely to be a consideration, go with a 1000.

I personally have a 2000 with rock rings hung under it. Kinda covers everything.
Dan_F - on 11 Aug 2013
In reply to Scoobydoo1: I have just bought a 1000 it has some fairly shallow 4.3.2 finger pockets as well as the deeper ones the jugs and the slopers, my local training wall has both and the 2000 is great tho a lot of the holds are a little small for me im currently climbing up to F7a and bouldering v5 but the progress i have made in the last two weeks is great, if you follow the training regime on the beastmaker web site great gains can be made...and once you can complete the training two handed start the whole process over with just one arm,,, one you have completed that your on your way to the 2000.

i personally plan to mount a 2000 above my 1000 in the new year, so i have all the options .
Jams - on 22 Aug 2013
In reply to Scoobydoo1:
Really it depends on what ability level the climber is at. If they are climbing roughly v6/7 or below you wont need the 2000. Instead the 1000 would be a better call as they can train and actually use all the various pockets/edges/slopers on the board. However if you purchased the 2000 they may not be able to hold a lot of the pockets/edges/slopers. Therefore it might be wasted money!

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