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cyberpunk - on 06 Aug 2013
I am currently planning on doing a 10 day ski tour in Austria next season. However i am having difficulty planning. I can't seem to find enough info regarding what huts are open or have winter rooms. If you have done a long ski tour maybe you could email me. I can also connect 2, 5/6 day tours together. So if you have done a 5 or ski day tour could you post what huts you stayed in. thanks.
inboard - on 07 Aug 2013
In reply to cyberpunk:
have you checked out the DAV/OAV hut list online? It's usually quite useful in this regard. http://huetten.alpenverein.at/huettenHome/DE/index.php

Re linking tours together, have you considered stuff in the Stubai which can link easily to Oetztal (both these described in O'Connor vol 2 (Cicerone)). Many of the huts in these areas are open during the touring season, though not always the ones O'Connor describes.

We linked Stubai with Silvretta once, skied out from Stubai to the West into Oetztal then bus/train/bus to Ischgl. With an early start and using the lifts above Ischgl, it was possible to go straight from one hut to another without wasting a night in the valley.

have fun
Flashy - on 07 Aug 2013
In reply to cyberpunk: Difficult. We once ran two days of the Silvretta together, assured by the Wiessbadener guardian that the hut we were aiming for was 'definitely open'. As it turned out the winter room wasn't even dug out. It can be very difficult to get information on huts in parts of Europe, and from experience I can say that even if there's a website saying the hut is open, it's no guarantee that it's even still operating (Italy!)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.