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webbie88 - on 09 Aug 2013
So midweek I had my new go-pro out for a play and decided I would try editing the best video I took and work on it, so far this is my finished product. I now it is not amazing and the camera is a bit bobbly and I have speed it up to fast but as I said its my first time. I would love some feed back from use guys to see how I can make my next video even better.



xplorer on 09 Aug 2013
In reply to webbie88:

Because its all helmet cam footage it can get pretty boring.

Get a medium and small tripod, you can get some great footage with a go pro.

Be a little creative and try out loads of different shots.

Unless you don't want to that is. Haha.
Richard Alderton - on 09 Aug 2013
In reply to xplorer:

The best videos are those that tell a story.

Who's the climber? Why is he climbing? Why this route? Why today? What does it mean to him? What's he thinking at the crux? Can you get the viewer's pulse racing?

Agree that other angles are a must. This is difficult if you only have one camera (but smartphones and compact cameras have made it a lot easier.). You can also shoot some footage before and after the climb to splice in. Establishing shots, views. Get high. Get low. Walk for ten minutes in that direction to get a shot of the whole crag.

Music is a very personal thing. I tend to think less is more. For me, the best soundtrack is one that adds to the film without the viewer noticing it (but if you took it away, the viewer would complain).
xplorer on 09 Aug 2013
In reply to Richard Alderton:

The first step is to learn how to use the camera first by experimenting. I'd concentrate on using the camera as much as you can, reviewing the footage, and cutting what you don't want.

I'd start to worry about editing and stories after you have learnt to use the camera creatively

chris fox on 10 Aug 2013
In reply to webbie88:

I'm sure others who regularly video will give some tips. Like others have said above, put it on a tripod. Helmet cams are better when there's motion (ie when you followed up the route). I was getting a bit seasick with all the movement.
Not a dig, just my little bit of advice

MtnGeekUK - on 10 Aug 2013
In reply to webbie88:

Although not strictly JUST climbing, these may give you some inspiration (editing, camera angles etc.):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=youtube_gdata_player (from my mate Bryn)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=youtube_gdata_player (my firat edited GoPro video)
webbie88 - on 10 Aug 2013
In reply to chris fox: Yeah a get what u mean with the movement especially since i increased the speed of the video,

thanks for all the advice, I will get out tomorrow and try some more things
Indy - on 10 Aug 2013
In reply to webbie88:

Which gopro was it? Am in the market for such a beast!
MischaHY - on 10 Aug 2013
In reply to Indy:

If you're in the market for a gopro, go for the Hero 3 Black/Silver. Lower than that isn't worth it as and independent camera IMO.
Indy - on 11 Aug 2013
In reply to rasmanisar:

Want a GoPro 3 black obviously but the price..... Ouch! Was hoping to be able to get it without the remote for a cheaper price but doesn't seem to come like that.
Frank the Husky - on 11 Aug 2013
In reply to webbie88: Very boring and not worth watching. Like someone has said, you need to tell a story to get people interested. Still, even Speilberg's first was probably awful!

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