/ FS: 4 Season Tent, Single Rope, Cams, & Tricams!

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Mr. K - on 14 Aug 2013
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All prices are collected from Nottingham, postage extra and depends on what you're buying.

Wild Country Trisar 2 & Footprint

This is the current model, purchased in April 2013. Bought for a trip but we ended up using a different tent. I've only used the tent for two nights so it's basically in as new condition. It's a lovely piece of kit and I'll be sad to see it go but a man only needs so many tents!

Full specs:

(It's raining so I didn't want to pitch it but you can see how minty fresh the underside of the inner is in the second pic)

The tent cost me 140 and the footprint 40, I'd like 115 for the pair of them.

Mammut Revelation 9.2mm x 50M, dry treated, purple.

A perfect rope for Alpine mountaineering. This rope was purchased at the end of August 2012, used for a grand total of four days in the Alps in September and then stored loosely coiled in a ropebag in my garage ever since. I've resisted the urge to tow cars and mop up battery acid with it! Genuinely as good as new.

Cheapest I can find this rope new online is 124.99:


Yours for the reasonable sum of 80. I know buying a rope secondhand can worry people so I'm happy to accept a return if you find it's anything less than described. =o)

Cams & Tricams


I've got:

2 x Black Diamond Camalot C4 0.3 (no thumb loop) - 20 each

1 x Black Diamond Camalot C4 0.4 (no thumb loop) - 20

1 x Wild Country Tech Friend #2.5 - 20

Camp Tricams #1, #1.5 & #2 - 20 for all three
doz on 14 Aug 2013
In reply to Mr. K: Will take the tricams please...
Mr. K - on 15 Aug 2013
Tricams sold. =o)
Mr. K - on 19 Aug 2013
I'm happy to negotiate on a price for the four cams as a set. =o)
tallpaulselfridge - on 19 Aug 2013
In reply to Mr. K: yhm

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