/ Eiger in Winter. Any information greatly appreciated.

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Joseph Robertson - on 30 Aug 2013
I may have a chance to stay in the Eiger region this winter and wish to start exploring the mountain. I have some Scottish winter experience (Cairngorms, North Face of Ben Nevis, Cullin etc) but little alpine experience, save some comparable 'hills' in the Graubunden region where I currently live. Best routes to consider? (conditions, safety and technical difficulty). Avalanche hazards? I cannot afford and do not wish to use guides when I climb.
LakesWinter on 30 Aug 2013
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Winter Alpinism isn't practiced in the Oberland by anything like the number of people who practice winter alpinism around chamonix. You'll have to be able to ski well. Have a look at the www.camptocamp.org forum and ask on there as there are plenty of regular alpinists round there.
Joseph Robertson - on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to LakesWinter: Hey thanks for the advice. Although it would be more convenient in terms of advice topos etc, the hoards of Chamonix does not attract me so much, dispite the rock being generally more conisitent than in the Oberland. I had planned to learn properly to ski this winter - cross country and touring interests me most. But I guess I will have to get in some practice on piste first. Will look it up, cheers.
Chesher cat on 16 Sep 2013
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