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Crag Pony on 11 Sep 2013 - 93-186-31-96.rdns.blackberry.net
We've had the glove section now for the socks. I ve tried allsorts over the years,neoprene liners,lined alpaca, even those tog rated ones but nothing seems to give.enough comfort. I use Bridgedale Summits for winter rock climbing and walking and for me, at best are ok. I ve just got a pair of Summit Expetions with liners, but as yet have to use them in anger.
I m hoping to start winter climbing this season and then on to alpine, but if I can't feel my feet at all I ll have to give it a miss.
I appreciate all the good practices eg layering and not too tight a fit.
Any recommendations as to kit greatly appreciated. Ta
gear boy on 11 Sep 2013
tallsteve - on 12 Sep 2013
In reply to Crag Pony:
Had a mate who got frostbite whilst skiiing in the alps who now has heated insoles. Swears by them.

Thick gloves/socks aren't going to help. Without a blood supply there's nothing to provide the warmth you are trying to trap.

The chemical warmers you "reset" by steeping in hot water are the cheapest long term. Something like these, but the ones I have seen last longer:

Worth researching.

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