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baker - on 11 Sep 2013
Does anyone have any experience of raising funds or obtaining a grant for a school climbing wall that could also be opened up to the public.

The school I teach at has great potential for an indoor (and possibly an outdoor) wall. I have looked into possible options but would appreciate any advice, especially from anyone who has obtained a government grant or similar funding before.

Thanks in advance...
stuartholmes - on 11 Sep 2013
In reply to baker: Google a company called zig zag climbing walls. On there website they mention funding. Failing that contact your local round table.

If not consider a social enterprise. You could even build it as a school project or offer it to a local uni as a project.

Hope this helps
Exile - on 12 Sep 2013
In reply to baker:

Awards for All, (lottery,) would be worth a look - up to £10,000 reasonably easily obtained if you word the application correctly.
baker - on 12 Sep 2013
In reply to Exile: Thanks for your reply, I have looked into the sports funding through the lottery and their appears to be two options:

1. Up to £10,000 sports grant (this wont cover the full cost of the wall but is an option alongside additional fund raising)

2. Up to £250,000 community action grant. The application would need to be focused around providing a sport to the community that currently doesn't exist in the local area (there isn't a climbing wall available in the local area so this is a good option).

I would like to apply for the second option but wondered if anyone has done similar that I can get help from. Or if there are any other better options.

Cheers for your suggestions...
johnnorley on 13 Sep 2013
In reply to baker: i have some previous experience of opening a wall in a sports centre/community charity facility. happy to give some advice or lend a hand with the application if needed. drop me a line on email and we can take from there if you wish
Valaisan on 13 Sep 2013
In reply to baker:

Try Crowd Funding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdfunding

Google crowd funders in the UK. The Government provide good advice and support for this also.

A part school/part community based sports project which can generate revenue (from public users) sounds perfect for this kind of project. Some of the types of dividends on offer (presented in your business plan) can be free access for shareholders and discounted climbing gear if you get a retailer or brand on board.

I've done loads of fundraising at all levels over many years; happy to advise for free when I have time.

Where's the school?
tlm - on 13 Sep 2013
In reply to baker:

Don't forget to factor in the costs for running the wall, which can be substantial (including new route setting).

You could try asking the bmc for advice - they have several articles here to start you off:


You can also get the bmc climbing wall manual from them:

The association of british climbing walls might also be useful:

Carolyn - on 13 Sep 2013
In reply to baker:

If you envisage that opening it to the public will eventually provide a reasonable income, you might be able to get loan funding aimed at social enterprises that'd cover some of the cost. Certainly worth Googling "Social enterprise <your area>" or similar to see what support might be available.
In reply to baker:

Climbing wall solutions has a list of all major funding providers for school installs, details of how to apply etc. It's really useful. Contact Ron there and he'll drop you an email with it
In reply to 65m moderate millington:

Incidentally, I'm nothing to do with climbing wall solutions!
BMC Office - on 20 Sep 2013
In reply to baker: The BMC's new Regional Development Team are just starting to pull together information for schools with walls so it may be worth dropping them a line on this. Contact details are Elizabeth@thebmc.co.uk (London area), Jane@thebmc.co.uk (West England), RobG@thebmc.co.uk (East England).
Pete Cook - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to baker: Speak to Ron, as he may have contacts in this area.

Sonjita - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to baker:
Try the Rotary Club, they're usually very keen to help out with things like that.

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