/ TNF Prophet 52 Pack

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martinph78 on 12 Sep 2013
Anyone have this pack, and/or know of anywhere with a Large/Red in stock? Have they stopped making it?

I pretty much know what I want from a pack, and this one looks ideal. I've tried the 40 liter Prophet for size and it fits well, looks good, but is just not large enough. I reckon the 65 is overkill for my needs though.

I am looking to replace two packs with one "do everything" pack.

I currently use a 30-35 liter pack for lightweight scrambling/climbing and day walks in the summer and winter. I also have a 50-60 liter pack that I use for bigger days out (winter walking, leading and overnight trips).

If you have the Prophet 52 how do you find it? Does it carry well for multi-day hikes when expanded to 65 liters? How well does it cinch down as a smaller pack (ie as a small scrambling/climbing bag)? Some packs don't do this very well, I find the back systems leave them still quite large. Any issues with quality/durability (it will get a lot of use as my only pack).

Thanks, Martin
martinph78 on 14 Sep 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Not a popular pack then?

Due to lack of availability for the Prophet 52 I've now purchased a Deuter Guide 45+ with a couple of external side pockets to give me the extra 10 litres when I need it.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.