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abh - on 26 Sep 2013

I am going to Patagonia with the Mrs in January for a week and would like some advice....

I would like to do as muching trekking/ exploring as possible but the Mrs. is not too keen on it being too wild/ 'uncomfortable'

At the moment the plan is to
Fly to Calafate, next day go on a Glacier trek at Perito Merino, then drive to El Chalten, stay in nice-ish place, and spend two days trekking to Cerro Torre/ FitzRoy (based in decent digs)
Spend a day driving to Torres del Paine, then have two days trekking around there, maybe with a night in the huts!
Drive back to El Calafate.

Would be keen to know other peoples experiences down there, or anything that is great to do, as an alternative, or of course general advice. The Mrs does like horse riding...

I know it can get pretty wild down there, so what kit do we need? - only walking, so will take poles etc. But assume we need to take gear for Windy weather! No (planned) camping so think the Refuges will have all the equipment, and I understand gear can be hired in Chile.

Hope this is the correct forum...

Many thanks

Dauphin on 26 Sep 2013
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Assuming this is not a troll - you will need longer than a week. Maybe three.

abh - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to Dauphin:

Hi Dauphin,

Not a troll...

Of course I would like 3 weeks down there, but have to spend a week near BA, so sadly only have 8 days inclusive of flights from BA to Calafate.

So trying to fit in Fitz Roy and Torres del Piane, the glaciers and anythign else?

As I said in my OP, It can't be too wild, just enougth to see the main sights.

Hopefuly I will get to go down there in the future sans-wife...

abh - on 26 Sep 2013
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PS we're hiring a car if that helps...
The New NickB - on 26 Sep 2013
I think you will struggle, Perito Merino is a full day, Chalten is 4 hours drive each way and you would want at least 2 full days there. The Paine circuit is much further and across an international border, also the standard trekking routes are much longer. I had just over a week and decided to have 5 nights above Chalten, a day at Perito Merino and with the travel that used up the time I had. Chile will have wait for another trip.
Lion Bakes on 26 Sep 2013
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Best bet is to just do Torres , do the W circuit and stay in the Refugio's.
Dauphin on 27 Sep 2013
In reply to Beat me to it!:

I wouldn't bother with the Paine circuit - it will be really busy on the W, difficult to get a place in the refugo. Stick to Calafate / Fitzroy / Perito Moreno glacier. Plenty there for a week. You can do a days walk and back from El chaiten for Fitzroy and then another day for the other big pointy rock to keep the missus happy(without camping).

abh - on 27 Sep 2013
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Hi All,

OK, looks like it it is a week near El Chalten etc, and Torres del Paine can wait for when I can camp....

We can also do some horseriding etc, and take things at a leasurely pace.

Thanks very much.


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