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poigol5043 - on 26 Sep 2013
So, My long term life goal is to work in outdoor education, Primarily Climbing based.

I'm Pretty sure SPA is required for most jobs (Climbing Walls, Outdoor Centre, etc) and therefore i'm looking to do it.

My questions to you are, where are the best places to do the training and assessment, Roughly how much will it cost me in total gear included (I don't own trad gear as yet due to financial restrictions) and is it worth getting a different type of job in the meantime to pay for it all??
dale1968 on 26 Sep 2013
jezb1 - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to poigol5043: There's loads of providers out there, mostly very good.

Gear wise you'll need to have rack and ropes etc because you need to be a climber first, then you can think about being an instructor.

It would be very difficult to make a living out of just being an SPA. As a minimum I'd look at getting your ML as well, even better to get you're kayaking qualifications and possibly other stuff like caving, mtn biking etc.
tri-nitro-tuolumne on 27 Sep 2013
In reply to poigol5043:

Yup, definitely go for an ML as well, it will make you more marketable and you'll need it if you decide to progress to your MIA.

Search on here for threads about working as a climbing instructor / guide. Here's a few I found, but there's plenty more:

beccafrench - on 28 Sep 2013
If your wanting to work in the outdoor industry apply for traineeships/apprentice schemes that way you can start working and you will normally have a chance to borrow gear giving you a chance to get the kit along the way.
Pete Cook - on 28 Sep 2013
In reply to poigol5043: Check out this site to see if there is anything that suits your needs.


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