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JAOADMS on 01 Oct 2013 - host217-35-108-146.in-addr.btopenworld.com
Could anyone recommend a boot fitter in Chamonix? It would be a for a stiffer touring boot, something like the Dynafit Mercury or Scarpa Freedom SL.

I've heard good things about Sole but am interested to know the opinions of others...?

Will_he_fall - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS:
Got pretty good service last winter from the guys at footworks, opposite the midi. Were happy to make adjustments to liner and boot as the liner moulded to my foot through use. Heard good things about sole too.


Tom Hutton - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS: Jules, in Sangard... almost legendary...
deepstar - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS: Another vote for Sanglard,Jules is the best.199 place du Mont Blanc,74400 Chamonix. www.rentski.com
tri-nitro-tuolumne on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS:

Yup, another vote for Jules at Sanglard Sports. The best in Cham and probably one of the best in the alps. Used to fit boots for FIS teams.

You usually have to book an appointment.
Frank4short - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS: What the other 3 said Jules and Damien (his french bootfitting partner) in Sanglard.. Also to clarify something one of the other posters said. Firstly Footworks got their reputation off of the back of the aforementioned Jules and Damiens hard work before they left to work on developing boots and FIS, etc. Secondly any modifications necessary to the shell or liner and refittings required to get the boots to fit perfect should be included in the price of the original boots. However in saying that a really well fitted boot shouldn't require much work post fitting except in circumstances where the purchaser has really odd feet e.g. bone spurs or the like
jcw on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to tri-nitro-toulumne: Who else but Jules? Follow him wherever he goes
JAOADMS on 02 Oct 2013 - host217-35-108-146.in-addr.btopenworld.com
In reply:

Thanks for the recommendations!

The consensus definitely seems to be Jules... I'll get a fitting booked.

Frank, thanks for the history. I think Sole was actually set up by a guy called Steve who used to work with Jules at footworks.
aliem - on 02 Oct 2013
I've been to both. I can recommend both for different reasons, but I have a preference for Sole and will be going there in the next few months to get some new boots.

The great thing about Sole is that they will be very frank about what boot will work and not work with your foot. It means you don't end up picking something off the shelf because it's a good touring boot and might happen to fit your foot (a liner doesn't necessarily sort this out), but you have a boot that suits your foot shape from the outset. This is of course before any moulding has been done.

The guys in there are extremely clued up, with great customer service.
JAOADMS on 03 Oct 2013 - host217-35-108-146.in-addr.btopenworld.com
In reply to aliem:

Sole are certainly very popular on Snowheads. Are you saying that Sanglard/Jules will try and fit a boot that may not be perfect for your shape foot because you selected it for a technical reason? I'm sure this could be interpreted as both good and bad...
blurty - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS:

Another vote for Sole (But not tried Sanglard to be honest)
Simonfarfaraway - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to aliem: whats their English like? My French is rubbish!
TomDisomma - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to JAOADMS:

Can definitely recommend sole, super nice guys, they gave me a beer while they fitted my boots, always a bonus.

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