/ new head torch for fell running from a real shop today

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mike123 - on 09 Oct 2013
head torches in our house :various old petzl tikka s in states of brokeness, 2 of those tiny BD things - flat batteries, an old school BD with knackered elsatic - i duct taped this to my helmet last winter, a couple of cheapy/rubbish from wilko s for car/ wood shed jiggery pokery , bike helemts with magic shines gerry rigged to them and finally a fancy BD green thing (ion ?) that I ve just spent the last half hour looking for and seems to have been eaten by the house ghost (john) . So our lass is going running straight after work tonight and left the house this morning in a strop because she couldnt find her "good" torch and i think it was me who lost it so since i have a couple of jobs to do in keswick this aft i thought i would get her a new one and drop it off at work for her. £60 ish ? i m guessing that i will be able to get pretty much anything in kewsick other than alpkit, chinese cheapys. any ideas fell running types ?
TobyA on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123: I needed one in similar hurry last year and bought a 3 AAA using model from LED Lenser. It's pretty good; light, you can go from zoom to spot and also go from full power to dim. Quite a lot less than your budget but still quite a lot more than the Alpkit Gamma which is about as strong in output, has some better features than the Lenser and some not as good features.
mike123 - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to TobyA: any idea which one ? needless sports have them.
ditchy - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123: I use a petzl myo RXP. They're not quite as light as the others but cost about £60 and they are really bright: great for running after work over the next few months. Plus they are easily programmed to give less light/more battery time for when you stop for a breather. Also it seems to be a "whiter" light than the LED lensers which seems better for recognising what you're looking at in a hurry. My wife has an LED Lenser and I've used both and still rate the MYO Rxp. Just a bit bulkier for stuffing in a pocket.
mike123 - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to ditchy: just having a look online , myo rxp seems to be £75, same as LED lensor SE07, which has slighlty better specs. I wonder if the SE05 (£49) would be good enough ?
Welsh Kate - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123:
I suspect the LED Lenser TobyA mentioned is the H7 or H7r which is really good. I fondled an SE07 at the weekend though, and the SE range is a bit lighter than the H range. If buying now, I suspect I'd go for an SE.
martinph78 on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123: If you are in the BMC, Cotswold will do 15% off the Myo RXP bringing it to your budget.

Cracking torch, not used it for running but am very impressed with it for MRT/ML stuff I've done.

mike123 - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to Martin1978: thanks to all above. so i reckon its its rxp or se07, anybody else got a preference either way ?
Simon Caldwell - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123:
I've got an H7R which is excellent (same as the H7 but with rechargable batteries), weight has never been a problem. The se07 only has 2 power options, low or high, for that reason I'd prefer the H7 which has a continuous scale between the two - I normally have mine set about half way.
NottsRich on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123: If she's goign to use it for running, you might want to ensure it has a strap over the top of the head in addition to the normal band around the head.
TobyA on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to Welsh Kate: Yep, H7 I think. No over the top strap that I occasionally miss.
purplemonkeyelephant - on 09 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123:

martinph78 on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to mike123: What did you buy?

I was out on night nav exercise last-night and reckon the Petzl Myo RXP wins hands-down! The wide filter works really well, not only for a walking/working area but for reducing glare when looking at the map etc. It also seemed to have the longest spot beam.

One of the reasons I went for it was the overhead strap, and I like the battery pack on the back. Speaking of which, the batteries are lasting really well in it. I have it programmed to come on at the lowest setting first, and then scroll up through to the highest, as this saves battery and also saves you blinding your tent mate when you only need 15 lumens!.

Very pleased with mine anyway

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