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mattnuttall - on 12 Oct 2013
UKC relies on accurate entry of routes / problems by the climbing community... and bouldering is the fastest growing area in terms of quantity and accuracy of the crag entries is patchy... so if you are entering problems try and be as accurate as possible - go to find crag and list problems left to right and see if it might already be there... problem is that bouldering doesn't go 'left to right'! If UKC themselves read this post I wonder if it would be possible to have a picture of the boulder like a thumbnail with the names of boulders / sectors listed when you go to crag view (I realise this is NOT a topt and has no aspirations to be so)... For some crags currently you get a long list, often with a string of unnamed problems with no descriptions!
If you are adding / editing a problem please give a good short description (from your guide / own experience) etc... as for font or V grades? wish someone could just decide... some crags have both grades!

Just one good example of hard to decipher bouldering is Gorple:


even with one of the two mentioned guides it isn't easy to work out what you have done... There must be a better way! Surely as a community we can make this better?
paul__in_sheffield - on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to mattnuttall: looks like there are Sport grades mixed in there too! The bouldering sections on UKC for N Wales seem to work well, as they reference lines in the North Wales Bouldering Guide, which gives a good reference. That's prob the best solution, unless Rockfax goes fully electronic, and the logbooks link to the Rockfax database. That would be cool, as you could find and tick from a smartphone
phleppy on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to mattnuttall: I definitely agree with left to right or some kind of order from a guide it is copied off, when it is all over the place it's hard to find a problem you've done and wastes time if the venue is fairly big, which is a bit annoying as it doesn't take that long for the moderator to sort out and keep on top of things but I don't think a description of a problem is that important.
UKC is a good database for people to log problems they've done but guides still need to be sold at the end of the day.
peteJ23 - on 14 Oct 2013

Welcome to my world,
I would like to clarify.. the problems listed at Gorple are Left to Right and there are no Sports grades included.
Climbing like life is messy and doesn't follow rules.
So each guide book that comes out has different problems/grades names
it probably took me 2 - 3 hours to sort out Gorple and it only has the 2 guidebooks. ( I would also note you would need both to really figure out where you are).
Places like Widdop have 3 or 4 sources of conflicting information which needs sorting out. (that one took several days)
I agree that the information is difficult to interpret however it's as good as can be managed for now.
I think a lot of difficulties could be avoided if people start naming their problems at FA.
Anyway once the YMC guide comes out for the south this problem should be largely resolved as they should consolidate most problems into one entry..
(Though they don't do them all .. adding another guide to the mix)

Just think of it as part of the adventure ;-)


Pete J

JLS on 14 Oct 2013
In reply to paul__in_sheffield:

No, those aren't sport grades, someone at UKC Towers had the silly idea that we'd like to see higher Font grades noted in a different way to lower Font grades.

I'm guessing "font 6A+", at eight characters, is one character too long for the format of some or other page on the site.

If that is the case then I'd prefer to see "ft 6A+" adopted rather than the current mix of "font 5" and the confusing "f6A+".

EVERYONE should stop using V grads NOW!
dunnyg - on 14 Oct 2013
In reply to JLS: Its pretty easy. if its 6A its font, if its 6a its sport.
JLS on 14 Oct 2013
In reply to dunnyg:

Indeed but that subtle approach isn't universally recognised.

I think the addition of the lower case f just adds to the confusion and is a mistake.
phleppy on 14 Oct 2013
In reply to JLS: I just can't understand why they changed it, all the guides use the same way as it was before so pointless in changing it.

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