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Helios71 on 12 Oct 2013 - 5adb46ec.bb.sky.com

Can anyone advise on the best club to join for a noob in the midlands? (We live between tamworth and Nuneaton) I am looking to introduce a friend to climbing. I used to do a fair bit of climbing myself in the lakes and Scotland but have not climbed for about 3 years. I am hoping to introduce my friend to a good club that can help him progress and also get him into a social scene. He has absolutely no experience, I think he will be a good climber, I can show him the basics of safety, knots, belaying etc at a wall but would like him to take it further without me.

I have had a look at Coventry climbing club, stafford and Solihull clubs websites but cannot really tell from that which one would suit him. Any advice would be most gratefully received.


RichieB on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Helios71:
Why not just go to a social/climbing meet for all three and see which one feels friendliest etc?
ripper - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Helios71: I'm the sec. of Warwick CC (not Warwick Uni, which has its own club). We do our best to welcome noobs and seem to attract a fair few every year, largely thanks to the fact that we have our own small and fairly unintimidating top-rope wall in a local council leisure centre. Not exactly on your doorstep though...
Ice hippo on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Helios71:
Hey Martin
I'm a member of Solihull Mountaineering Club, we are a friendly bunch with various amounts of experience, we have a club night at creation climbing centre in Moseley on Tuesdays, this week though we are going to The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham for Banff Film Festival Reel Rock 8 you would be very welcome to come along & meet some of us, or if you fancy coming for a climb the following week one of us can sign you in & show you the ropes so to speak, if you let me know by personal email just click on my user name,
Hope to see you soon
Rich Ellis - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Helios71: Your nearest club is probably Hinckley MC
I`ve been a member of Hinckley MC for 25years.We are friendly local club happy to accept people of all abilities. With an active membership .
We meet on thurs 9pm at the New Plough Inn , Leicester road , Hinckley.
Other local clubs are Nuneaton MC and Bowline MC in Leicester.
Helios71 on 14 Oct 2013 - 0543194d.skybroadband.com
In reply to Helios71: thanks for all your replies. It looks like I will have to take him to all of them!
dsgarner on 14 Oct 2013
In reply to Helios71: I belong to Extreme SPorts Central. We meet at Redpoint on a Wednesday eve and then to The Bull for a post climb drink. We cater for everyone and have people of all climbing standards.

We are not just a climbing club though, we have people into mounitan biking/surfing/snow sports, etc so there are always oppotunites to have a go at somethign else.


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