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Lucas Gonzalez on 14 Oct 2013 - 50.Red-81-43-255.staticIP.rima-tde.net
Good evening, it will do a couple of months I was with a few friends in The Pinegroves of the Red one (air rocky) of Albarracín, in the province of Teruel, Spain. We went to practise Bouldering (escalation in block).
During our stay there we lodge at a few very comfortable apartments and at a very calm zone where to be able to rest, I leave them the link of his web page for if of you they are interested in someone: www.apartamentoslosmayosdealbarracin.es. For what it concerns to the price they were economic enough and the apartments were new enough and with elevator.
We decide to be going to Albarracín to practise bouldering because we saw the following link: http: // norop.es/Albarracín and after several times reading it it convinced us. Besides it we speak with a few our friends who had been and they said to us marvels of this site and the truth they were not wrong, it is spectacular. I hope that my opinion about this zone helps them, have practised this sport in many sites and assure them that nothing has that to envy to other Europa's sites, the site is impressive and to there be a lot of variety of ways.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.