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ford23 - on 19 Oct 2013
Can anyone recommend some good rechargeable bike lights, powerful and durable (mainly for commuting but some night rides in the winter) under £100?
woolsack - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford: I'll stick my head up above the parapet and say I've just bought some Ebay China specials which were £34 delivered and are supposedly about 1500 lumen. Rechargeable CREE units item number 190895801226.
There are three brightness/battery depletion levels but even on the minimum setting they have more than enough light for road cycling. At full whack you'd melt pedestrians.

Comes with charger and a headband allowing you to use it as a head torch
m1ke_smith - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford:

I've just bought these for this winter:-


Had them out once and i'm impressed. They feel durable and really well built and also charge from USB (i personally plug them straight into an i-pod plug).

Great bit of kit.

Wouldn't buy for off road riding but for road/commute they are great.
Joez on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford:

Get a dynamo set up instead. It's about the same price but never runs out of charge.

German dynolights are cheap because many bikes over there are required to have them by law. The bonus is that they have a shaped beam which is more akin to headlight Busch & Muller lights is the brand you want. The Cyo is an older model but still good and can be had for about £35 on Amazon at the moment.

Dynamo hubs range. The best are SON, German made again but pricey (around £200). SP hubs are the new kid on the block, yet to be fully proven but almost as good as the SON for half the price (its what I've got)

Shimano also have offerings, a cheaper option but reported to have noticeable drag.

Last thing to add in is the cost of building this into your wheel. LBS will probably charge you £30 for the labour and about £1 per spoke.

You'll probably want a rear light too. Busch & Muller again for that under £15 for their taillight on Amazon.

So you'll be set for around £200. Good for committing and night rides. Only downside is the lack of flexibility for quick changes if lights from one bike to another
Joez on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford:

And I've just seen your £100 budget
andrew549 on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to LittleJoe: It should be possible to get a dynamo light set up for about £100, cheap shimano dynamo, open sport rims with dt swiss champion spokes about 20p each then build it your self plus a entry level B&M light.

The only thing with it is that there will probably be quite a lot of drag and it will be very heavy.

Have a look on rosebikes for cheaper dynamos and wheel building parts.
Got a job rob - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford: I too went with cheap import lights from ebay. (3 XM-L T6 Bike light. TrustFire TR-008, True 2000 Lumen +HIGH QUALITY REAR LIGHT). Enough light on low to ride all the time, off road (hate road riding). I do use high but I dont knon why I do. The biggest problem with them is that they are so bright that you loose any form of night vision.
Mikkel - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford:

This is the best rear light i have come across http://www.evanscycles.com/products/cateye/tl-ld1100-10-led-rear-light-ec007955

Goe one and also got a Magicshine rear light (got it for free) and the Cateye is as bright, and find messing about with the battery pack a bit of a pain.
Like the magicshinre one for the front though
TobyA on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to LittleJoe: That's about as far from what the original poster asked as you can get! Way more expensive, huge amounts of hassle and not what they asked for!

Seth, if you can be bothered to wait a few weeks for delivery Deal Extreme is cheap for cree lights. I've now got two of these: http://dx.com/p/trustfire-tr-801-cree-q5-wc-230-lumen-led-flashlight-1-18650-13095 plus you need to buy charger, batteries and mounts - very bright and all for about 25 quid.
Matt Buchanan - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford:

Solarstorm X2 from ebay - extremely bright, great runtime and £28!

Martin W on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford: I have a Fluxient 4xR5* 1600 lumen and it's great: brilliant beam and a good solid metal body. Available for £80 or £90 (depending on the capacity of battery you want) on "a well known auction site" from seller big_f_d_d aka http://www.torchythebatteryboy.com - this guy tests a lot of LED torches and lights and he's very helpful. His stock comes and goes so it pays to keep checking back for new listings if he doesn't have what you're after when you first look. Shortly after buying the Fluxient I got a 900 lumen LED torch with a focusing beam from him as a back-up to the main light for just £13!

* The R5 is a Cree LED, and this light has four of them.
Gabe Oliver - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to sethmford:

I've always been impressed with Lezynes bike lights. I don't have a rechargable set myself, but the manufacturing and brightness for the size, weight and cost are unparalleled, I would expect even more from their higher range rechargables
Hope this helps

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