/ Accommodation in Mallorca/Malta?

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Steve nevers on 30 Oct 2013
Could anyone suggest a good place to stay in either of these areas please?
pamph - on 30 Oct 2013
In reply to Steve nevers: In Mallorca, it depends on what sort of night life you want. I am old and grumpy, so have always stayed in Puerta Pollenca in the north. This because it is relatively quiet, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars. It is well sited if you are cycling (which I do if the weather is too bad for climbing) because you have both the mountains and the flatlands easily accessible. But as Mallorca isn't very big, most crags are within an hour's drive, maybe an hour and a half for the ones down south. I think it is a great little town with a nice beach as well. As this is the UKclimbing forum I fully expect to be shot down by someone who absolutely hates the place, but I like it.
Steve nevers on 31 Oct 2013
In reply to Steve nevers: Nightlifes not really required to much, mainly going for sport, some DWS if the waters not to cold (i'm a Welsh ex-surfer, so temp doesn't bother me that much, my climbing partner is skinny, so she might protest.) and some walking & cycling.

Hiring transport may be an issue because we are doing it on a shoestring, was consider staying in the South (east) to be a bit closer to some possible DWS, but willing to bend on that.

Was hoping for any possible links for affordable hostels/rooms etc.
adamkritz on 05 Nov 2013 -
In reply to Steve nevers: I am in Mallorca until November 11 and in need of a climbing partner. I can lead 6c or so and have harness and shoes. Shoot me an email @ adamkritzer@gmail.com if you want to climb together!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.