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dj_brigham05 - on 02 Nov 2013
In the market for a lightweight running pack. Doesn't have to be a dedicated 'hydration' pack but something minimal I can squeeze some water, food, camera and something warm?

Seen a few from the cheap to expensive. Wondering what the UKC masses thought!
Run_Ross_Run - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:

Omm ultra 12 or 15. Cheap as chips. Bombproof and does exactly what it says on the tin with no faff.

Love mine.
Steff - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:

I have tried a few of the Salomon packs, but think they are hideously expensive for what they are. The Quechua Decathlon models (normally found in the adventure racing section, not in the running department) in various sizes are very good for the money.
For a proper vest style running pack, the Ultimate Direction models are my favourite.
donuthead8 - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:
Yep another vote for omm 12/15. Great pack lots of hydration options. Stretchy thing that goes on front is worth getting too.
yorkshireman - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:

When I first got into trail running the first pack I went for was the OMM classic 25 - I thought I needed the space but soon realised it was too big and bulky, it swung around too much and I was tempted to overload it and use the space I had, adding unnecessary weight.

I've run quite a lot with the Quecha pack mentioned here possibly:


but found it too tight and restricting around the chest (dirt cheap though) and hard to reach some of the pockets.

After a lot of research I went for the Salomon S-Lab vest


which at 140eur is pricey, but its been the best value pack I've had so far because it really is quality and unlike the others I'm not constantly thinking "if only it did/didn't..." - on a 16 hour run the small niggles really escalate, so investing in a pack that has ironed these out and feels like you're hardly wearing it in my mind was a good investment.
JamButty - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05: I got a great hydration pack from Go outdoors, with a number of compartments. Fits really well when running. got it last year and can't see it on their website, but may be worth a look

Aly - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05: It depends a bit on where you're going to be running and how much kit you want to carry. If you're out for day runs, a 12 or 15L pack is probably quite a bit larger than you need most of the time. Something like a 8L pack might be more suited, or perhaps a bumbag if you get on with them?

The smaller OMM bumbag is quite good though not great if heavily loaded with food and water. I've got a North Face Enduro 13 sack (actually about 8L, I don't know why it's called a 13) which is very comfy and has a slightly longer back. Plenty of room for extra layer, jacket, waterproof trousers, camera, phone, hat, gloves, map and food etc. The Inov-8 Race Elite 10 is another very good if minimal sack - comes in about 100g! Neither of these have a dedicated hydration system which is good if you tend to just carry a bottle and fill up from streams, but not great if you prefer to carry all of your water with you.
steveriley - on 02 Nov 2013
Omm 3l bumbag for most things, omm 15l sac for odd times I need more here. Pete bland have some cheap inov-8 at the mo I think.
sebastian74 - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to Aly:
another vote for Inov8 elite extreme 10, so far used it during my longer runs (20 +) carrying mainly bottled water 2X 500ml in Inov8's oval bottles,as side pockets feel rather tight, very lightweight sack, not the cheapest though; I was happily carrying 1l of water during runs
hope it helps
Moley on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:
I would try some on ideally and take the 'kit' you intend carrying with you - to check size etc. So many to chose from and many are very expensive (for what they are).
I would go cheap initially, because whatever you buy you will want something slightly different in 3 months time as you become more aware of exactly what you require.
steelbru - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:
I've got a surplus Camelbak Octane LR that I've been meaning to put up for sale. Here's a review of it http://endurancebuzz.com/2011/03/18/camelbak-octane-lr-hydration-pack-trail-running-gear-review/ and mine is in the same lime colour.
£40 posted to you if you're interested. Excellent condition, no marks or tears. Bladder and hose have been washed and kept in freezer between uses.
The Potato - on 02 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05: as mentioned, depends what you plan on carrying - I quite like the combo of Decathlon Rockrider bag (£11) and Nathan speed 2 waist belt (£20)
dj_brigham05 - on 07 Nov 2013
In reply to owena: thanks for the all the advice

Went a tried loads. Ended up plumping for inov8 rave elite 8. Very nice
The Potato - on 07 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05: i quite like inov-8 gear, especially their shoes, Ive almost worn out some mudroc 290s, also have the debris gaiters, not tried one of their packs yet. let us know how it is.
Oli Greg - on 07 Nov 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05:
I use a Vango Swift 10l pack, cheap as chips (you can find them for under £20 including a hydration bladder). It's comfy, doesn't bounce around and has enough storage for a day run.


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