/ accomodation in terra nova and riglos

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johnwarburton - on 03 Nov 2013
Does anyone have any up to date info on where to stay at these areas ie contact details,
mike123 - on 03 Nov 2013
In reply to johnwarburton: I m sure you ll get some help with riglos this , but if not might be worth searching threads on (and google land ) for fiesta Los biceps , possibly an article on here from a couple of years ago . Most people who ve done it must stay somewhere ? (although i think my mate slept in the car ) . Just a thought like .
ian Ll-J - on 03 Nov 2013
highclimber - on 03 Nov 2013
In reply to mike123: We roughed it under a tarp over some straw bails at the bottom of the road up to Riglos. Lovely few nights sleep though we did have good weather!
mickg - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to johnwarburton:Just got back from 4 great days at Riglos. We stayed at the Bar El Puro in Riglos. They couldn't have been more helpful. Dinner, B&B was only 35 Euros a night. I'd thoroughly recommend it. We didn't book, just turned up. It's better than the refugio and also slightly cheaper. You can find contact details on line.
andrewhe on 06 Nov 2013 - host-78-145-213-204.as13285.net
In reply to johnwarburton: Hi John, You can try the places mentioned above, but if you've got a car there are lots of places in Murillo de Gallego, due to the kayak and rafting businesses down there. If you want something more upmarket, you could try the hotel in Santa Eulalia de Gallego (Hotel Alen d'Aragon). There are also some places in Ayerbe, which aren't brilliant, but at least the place has plenty of shops, medical centre, petrol station, etc.

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