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Only a hill - on 16 Nov 2013
Harriet Tuckey has won the Boardman Tasker prize with her acclaimed biographical work, "Everest: The First Ascent." This is a fine book and in my opinion a very well-deserved win.

Gman - on 17 Nov 2013
In reply to Only a hill:

It's a terrific book and a very worthy winner. Certainly made me reevaluate the whole expedition. Bit of a shame Pugh didn't receive the recognition he was due back then.
Only a hill - on 18 Nov 2013
In reply to Gman:
I agree - probably the first mountaineering book I've read in years which has genuinely surprised me.
flaneur - on 20 Nov 2013
In reply to Only a hill:

Sounds very interesting and further off the extremely well-beaten track than the title might initially suggest. A Banff prize-winner too and reviews on amazon are almost uniformly enthusiastic, except for one, from a Llywarch "yrhenwr".

This outlier is allegedly Jim Perrin.
What is his beef with this book that has had such wide praise?
Kipper - on 20 Nov 2013
Only a hill - on 21 Nov 2013
In reply to flaneur:

Sock puppetry is pointless and hurts all writers in the end. I have no idea what he's trying to achieve with such a spiteful review.

For a little balance, here's my review of Harriet's excellent book.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.