/ kalymnos on a budget

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pc1983 - on 21 Nov 2013

I know there are a few discussions on this topic but some are relatively old. I've had a look on the internet and am struggling to find places that sleep a good number of people... Most places seem to be 3-5 people.

I am looking at organising a university club trip for some sport climbing in late August / early September (yes, I know it will be hot) and am looking for places that can sleep up to 12. Does anyone know of anywhere that fits the bill?


Chris Craggs - on 21 Nov 2013
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You're right it will be hot, though folks manage. As you sound like you are on a bugdet it might be worth checking flight prices first - it is high season so I'm guessing it could be pretty pricey getting here,

Russell Lovett - on 22 Nov 2013
In reply to pc1983: of all the places iv climed abroad kaly is the cheapest placr iv ever visited I would sugest you do the same as my son and I did and just book the flights when you get to kaly just have a wander around ask for prices in a few places ( dont worry thete iwill be loads of places not full) and then opt for what you like in the price range you can aford we got a studio apartment for € 100. For 1 week thats €100 for the room not each. It realy is that cheep . Its cheep to eat out to.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.