/ Winter footwear?

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CharlieMack - on 28 Nov 2013
Winter is fast approaching, and i'm looking at getting some winter footwear to do it all. My Goretex Inov8s are on their last legs, and my DCs are very comfortable, but holey. Which, with the addition of snow doesn't mix well.

What do people wear for around town/ to the crag in winter when the snow is afoot? I've seen a guy with work boots at the crag, which i thought was a pretty good plan, though not sure i'd want to work/ walk around town in them.

How do peoples' approach shoes deal with winter urban conditions? I feel slightly overkill with full spec approach shoes getting from the corner shop to the cinema.

Can you still have nice looking footwear in winter that keep you feet warm and dry, or do you just make a choice between fashion and warmth/dryness/comfort?

Or should i just stop being pedantic and break out the B2's from now till spring?
forcan - on 28 Nov 2013
In reply to CharlieMack:

This winter, I will mostly be stomping about town (Aberdeen - doesn't get more urban or wintery!) in my recently aquired Haglofs Vertigo II shoes. They're a bit chunkier than most other approach shoes I looked at, but are smart enough to wear day-to-day. More shoe-like, than trainer-like, if you get my drift...

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.