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DanMc - on 04 Dec 2013
Hi all!

Looking to get into touring this season and Im wondering what would be the best time of year to go to scotland? I have got two weeks of holiday left from work and want to use it to its best!

For skiing I am relatively expereanced at off pist skiing. Have done a number of lines and want to take things further. The only thing that I have never done before is the ascending bit. Would be good to hear from people about how long it took them to learn it and what kind of hills you think a first timer can do.

Looking forward to any responses

johnj on 05 Dec 2013 - whois?
In reply to DanMc:

If you can go down the up bit is easy, you just need to be able to kick turn both ways. I learned to ski in Norway for HM forces, long wooden ski, heavy packs, leather boots. Obviously back country has many hidden dangers. I would think you need to find an experienced partner or club
In reply to DanMc:

It takes people no time at all to learn ascending. Just get out and do it! Try a round of Gorm > Sneachda > Lochain > low level to ski centre....assuming your winter mountaineering skills are up to it. Ski touring is mountaineering that you do on skis, it is not a type of skiing.

As for when, god knows!
alasdair19 on 05 Dec 2013
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Ideas for routes here


The trick.is getting snow cover and reasonable vis. How far are you travelling? Multiple 4 day weekends would spread your bets. It can rain for a whole week at any time in Scotland...
Mark Bull - on 05 Dec 2013
In reply to DanMc:

March and April are probably the most reliable months, but you could still come for 2 weeks and get nothing done!

moffatross on 05 Dec 2013

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