/ Accommodation in El Chorro! Tips?

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soren - on 06 Dec 2013
Hey all

Going to El Chorro in January with 3 friends and was wondering if anyone could give us some advice on where to stay. Was thinking a small cottage or something with a kitchen. Anyone stayed at a place they liked that is not advertised on the net. Price around 50-60€/night. We will not have a car so should pretty easy to get to and from.


Big Rich - on 06 Dec 2013
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cannot beat the olive branch! Definately worth a look
Mark Eddy - on 06 Dec 2013
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They'll be plenty choice on here within that price range.
johncook - on 06 Dec 2013
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Try Albergue Campsite in El Chorro. They have some chalets, in September the price was about 300 euro/week for 4 people. They have heating, cooking and hot shower/bath. Nearest ElC crag is 15 mins walk, and nearest bar is 2 mins walk. If you can't find a link let me know and I will sort it for you.
danimal - on 06 Dec 2013
In reply to soren: Olive tree is really good,cheap and the couple who run are so nice. One of them even pick us up from the train station. Plus you can walk most of the areas from there.

ste_d - on 06 Dec 2013
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Doss in the woods maybe?
AlH - on 06 Dec 2013
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Olive Branch. As well as camping and private rooms (sharing a communal kitchen) they have a separate chalet that has 2 x 2 person bunk rooms you could take as a 4 with a kitchen. Its only shared with another room with 6 bunks. Very reasonable, extremely helpful and friendly. Have done exactly this as a party of 4 several times and you won't find better value / friendlier hosts than Mel and Gary.
NaCl - on 07 Dec 2013
We stayed here last time:


(can't remember which cottage) and would recommend it. About 5 mins up the hill from the village(?)centre. The owners are very helpful and accommodating

grubes - on 07 Dec 2013
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Another vote for olive branch. Three kitchens on pe for bunk house one for en suite rooms and one for campers

Great price awesome owners.

They do breakfast but loads of fridges/ovens etc to do your own cooking.

Need to book a visit soon
soren - on 23 Dec 2013

Thanks for all tips!
Seems The Olive Branch is the go.
Chris Harris - on 23 Dec 2013
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I've used these people in the past. Stayed at Casa Eryl in Ardales.
Excellent people, property & location for the crags.

kp64zl - on 23 Dec 2013
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I have been recommended this place which is in the village and walking distance to the crags.

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laurencet - on 23 Dec 2013
In reply to soren:

I've just got back from El Chorro

I tried to book at the olive tree but got a message from mel there saying that
"we are fully booked in our rooms and dorm for the whole of December up until the 18th Jan 2014."

I stayed in Ardales in the ended, in a apartment called Apartamentos Ardales cost £50 for a large apartment..
It was very quiet and about a 20minute drive to el chorro.

On the plus side it's only five minutes from turon that I fully recommend.

This place also looked good

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