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Hugh Cottam - on 14 Dec 2013
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Podsacs have just launched our new online sales website http://www.podsacs.com

To mark this event we are having a 30% off everything winter sale. Just to put the icing on top of that we are offering free delivery on everything.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at UKC from Podsacs


kevinr - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to Hugh Cottam:
Purchased the alpine 40 just before Christmas. Fantastic bag with some great features, well made and a steal at £79 in the sale. Best working bag ive ever had, im not on commission!
Hugh Cottam - on 31 Dec 2013
In reply to kevinr:

We're always very pleased to get such positive feedback. The Alpine range are sometimes a little overshadowed by the big reputation of our older designs such as the Black Ice. The Alpine are steadily developing their own solid reputation. And you're right, they are a steal at that price!
damowilk on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to Hugh Cottam:

Are the Alpine bags equivalent to the Thin Ice? I have one that has done well that is due for replacement soon.
Hugh Cottam - on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to damowilk:
In many ways the Alpine bags attempt to take the best of the Black Ice and the Thin Ice and improve them with the use of more up to date lighter materials. The core idea is comfort with the ability to strip the pack down and make it lighter as and when required.

The Thin Ice was stripped to the bare minimum and does not have the fully supported back system like the Black ice so careful packing of the pack is required for maximum comfort. The Alpine range have the full back system but can also be fully stripped down. If you look at the figures below you can see the Alpine range starts heavier and more comfortable but as you strip it down it actually ends up even lighter than the Thin Ice.

Podsacs Alpine 40 (Size B) Total Weight: 1.5kg / 0.8kg stripped

Podsacs Thin Ice (Size 2) Total weight : 1.16kg / 0.9kg stripped
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