/ how to take photos whilst on the wall.

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Rusty Grylls - on 18 Dec 2013
im in to taking action shots and iv got a alright slr but i don't want to bust it. how can i take photo whilst on the wall and make sure my camra isnt going to be bashed or get wet?
AndrewHuddart - on 18 Dec 2013
In reply to rustyford:

Your camera will be ok. Just go take photos.
BAdhoc - on 19 Dec 2013
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I use one of these (or similar) and a small accessory crab to make sure the camera stays close to me and not bashing around when climbing along with a long cross body shoulder strap.
chris fox on 19 Dec 2013
In reply to rustyford:

Depends on what gear you are carrying with you. If it's a single camera/lens then thats obvious, but if you are likely to be changing lenses then you'll need to go buy something suitable.
I've a selection of bags depending on what i am doing. On one shoot i was spending 6 hours shooting mates on a 5 pitch route in the Blue mountains, I had to rap down 80 meters (120 off the ground) i took with me a couple of lenses and this bag http://store.lowepro.com/stealth-reporter-d400-aw attached a sling and jumar to it then clipped it onto the rope so i could access whichever lens i wanted. The zip top made it very easy to switch lenses.

the little lowepro 110aw is fine if you only have a camera and lens http://store.lowepro.com/apex-110-aw the good thing about lowepro camera bags are that when you unzip the lid the bag doesn't tilt, so your camera won't fall out (well it shouldn't !!!) I've actually got one of these but no longer use it.

Sean Kelly - on 20 Dec 2013
In reply to rustyford:

Why will it get wet at the wall? And you certainly don't need a camera bag if indoors. Just attach a sling from camera to harness. If you climb with a camera in a bag/rucksac it never comes out, so consequently no photos. My cameras are bashed to hell but I do get pictures.
chris fox on 20 Dec 2013
In reply to Sean Kelly:

I think he's referring to the cliff as the wall - either that or he's a drooler !!!!. Not exactly the clearest of threads though is it !
badwabbit on 21 Dec 2013
I use a Capture Clip and Leash from Peak Designs. The capture clip is on my harness, and I can just slide the camera into and out of it, locking it where necessary. This lets you free up both hands to ascend/descend the rope or climb etc, and also gives you a solid hands free platform to change lenses.

To protect the camera while it's out of the clip and in my hands, I have a Leash which is the compatible camera strap, using it in the leash configuration, attached to the capture clip - so if the worst happens and I drop it, int won't hit the floor (you can adjust how long it is if necessary).

I was looking for a good solution for taking my camera up the wall, and this works really well for me.


Then if I'm taking up another bag with lenses/whatever it will be clipped onto my harness with another crab/sling/etc as you'd expect...
Rusty Grylls - on 24 Dec 2013
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thanks that's really useful

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