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jonnie3430 - on 19 Dec 2013

Am off to Areche Beaufort area in March time and wondered if people could give suggestions of tours to do in the area? I'd also be keen to break up skiing with climbing, I think it is too late for ice routes(?) so if anyone could recommend good alpine routes in the area it'd be appreciated. I've already looked on camptocamp, UKC and in the Bill O'Connor Ski Mountaineering book (the Haute Maurienne Traverse looks good.) I'm not a massive fan of crowded areas and enjoy a challenge, so quieter and adventurous routes of high quality are what I would be most interested in, though am open to all suggestions.
Doug on 19 Dec 2013
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Can't really recomend any specific routes as my only trip there was plagued by bad weather but there are several guidebooks in French, and the IGN 1:25 000 map indicates the more popular routes
jonnie3430 - on 21 Dec 2013
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Cheers Doug.

Any recommendations of guidebooks for the area would be appreciated!?
Rubbishy - on 21 Dec 2013
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I know the area well and have done a bit of ice climbing around there. Most of the harder routes are over in the Contamines valley - which you can get to from the head of the Hauteluce valley and ski down or head over on one of the many ski routes around the tops - out of Les Sasies or over the back of the Cormet.

A lot of more mountain / alpine stuff at the head of the Cormet de Roseland and I know there are a few huts around there, as well as the refuge at the top of the pass making it popular for ski touring.

When I get home tomorrow I'll dig out a few maps and some of the stuff I've blagged from the Tourist info at Beaufort and Saises and see what I can send across to you.

Either way, there are some real gems around there and it is far from the madding crowd...
Rubbishy - on 21 Dec 2013
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I would also look at the Pierra Mente - a big obvious monolith around the Cormet as I think there may be some routes there.

Have a look at this site for some ideas too

Simon4 - on 21 Dec 2013
In reply to jonnie3430: Be warned about the Bill O'Connor books - they are a bit like Gastly Rabbitfats' ones, great for inspiration and original ideas, for just don't believe a word about the grades, timescales or what is realistic.

cdpej on 21 Dec 2013
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Hi Jonnie
there are at least 2 guide books. There is a beaufortain/lauziere guide in the toponeige series and big coffee table book by Christophe Hagenmuller. Both of these are in french but with lots of pictures if your french isnt good. Beaufort and Areches are both excellent bases for touring. There are tons of possibilities but the Grand Mont, Grande Journee and Legette du Mirantin are all good peaks. I took an Eagles group there last Feb

jonnie3430 - on 23 Dec 2013
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Thanks a lot for that, am trying to track down the toponeige guide now..
maria85 - on 23 Dec 2013
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Jonnie, my boss (the one who owns the chalet) has 'the french ski guide' (I'm guessing this is the topo neige one) out there and is going to bring it back for us when he comes back at the end of Jan.

A second copy is always good though ;-)
fred alpi+ski on 23 Dec 2013 - APuteaux-551-1-119-23.w92-132.abo.wanadoo.fr
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One of the best source for skitouring topos is Skitour.fr. You also have camptocamp.org.

Here is a list of all starting points for ski routes in Beaufortain:

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