/ Somewhere to climb in Coux-et-Bigaroque, Dordogne, France

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Hobo128 - on 23 Dec 2013
Hi, I am going on a family trip to the Dordogne france next year and would really like to find somewhere close by to climb or boulder. The worst thing would be to turn up with no gear a finding out that there is some sort of crag to mess around on. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Tris - on 23 Dec 2013
In reply to Hobo128:

This is close by if you have a car/bike:

Hobo128 - on 24 Dec 2013
In reply to Tris:

Thanks Tris, I have already found this any a few other crags which I am very pleased about. Also I have found some via ferrata in a place called Marqueyssac which I have never done before.

Thanks for your reply.
Tris - on 24 Dec 2013
In reply to Hobo128:

Cool - have a great time, it's a beautiful area.
Firestarter on 25 Dec 2013
In reply to Hobo128:

We stayed in Miramont-de-Guyenne last year, found plenty of climbing around (30 mins to an hour away). Climbing guide Escalade en Perigord is good (in French but clear) covers area around you - mostly to the North. I contacted the author to get a copy as its not available in the UK. ISBN 978-2-35669-037-1. Should be available in the area, author Matthieu Mercier. If you can't get hold of it before you go pm me and I'll lend you it. Merry Christmas.
Hobo128 - on 25 Dec 2013
In reply to Firestarter:

That's very kind thanks. Im not going until next year so im sure I will be ok. Although I can't seem to find how to contact the author of the guide book. Would you still remember the contact details you used?
Firestarter on 26 Dec 2013
In reply to Hobo128:

From what I can remember I emailed the French Climbing Association - they contacted Matthieu on my behalf! I'm sure he told me they are available in the tourist information offices in the area. There is also a Decathlon in Bergerac that has a climbing gear section - that could be a starting point.

Whilst we were there we climbed near a village called Bayac, and another called Gavaudun. All sport as you would expect, very well maintained bolts etc.
is2 - on 26 Dec 2013

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