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VS4b - on 29 Dec 2013
Tassimo, nespresso or dolce gusto seem to be fairly popular at varying degrees of cost.

Any opinions from owners out there?
happy_c - on 29 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

I was given a tassimo thing this Christmas, pretty damn good! Its not as good as 'proper coffee' but it takes 30 seconds and does the trick!
MikaelGlazier - on 29 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

I like my tassimo tho the pods make itquite a bit more expensive than a cup of instant! Dont think the price if the different manufacturer pods is much different tho.
trueuk1 - on 29 Dec 2013
Jim C - on 29 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

> Tassimo, nespresso or dolce gusto seem to be fairly popular at varying degrees of cost.

> Any opinions from owners out there?

Dolce Gusto, is ok, my wife buys the pods in bulk usually from Costa I think,

relatives / guests seem to be quite happy with the various choices available , and my wife says it works out at under 50 a cup, depending on vouchers/ offers.

My FIL used to drink coffee granules at home, but preferred the coffee at our place so much that we gave him our DG , and we bought a newer model. However, the size of the water reservoir on the machine we'd have is a little smaller than I like, (but my wife will not let me modify it, -she has selected it based on looks rather than function)

We also now have a Bosch Tassimo lying in the kitchen ( unused) I tried it once and it was rubbish,( or at least not to my taste, someone might like it, but no one in my family.)

Don't get too hung up on the initial cost of the machine, if you drink a lot of coffee, or have a lot of visitors giving it a lot of use, the favour, and running costs will then be the main priority.

sleavesley on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:
I recently committed to Dolce Gusto and purchased the mini me, as for one it was on a lightning deal on amazon for £39.99 and came with £10 of credit to spend as well.
I got this as it made all forms of coffee as the other I was looking at was nespresso as endorsed by most pro cyclists and George Clooney, but you had to spend around £100 for the machine and a milk frother thing that I forget the name of, or £150 to make pretty lattes.

One of the main things I thought about was how much use it would have. Dependent on where you buy the pods and what type of coffee you are buying will determine how much each cup will cost.
Sainsburys they cost 3.77 and for lattes this will get eight drinks so will cost you just over 47 pence a drink. If it's espresso you drink you get sixteen so around 24pence a drink.
The mini me is easy to use and clean, but if I drank lots of coffee and had more money I would possibly look at a bean to cup machine.
Edradour - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

I've got a Tassimo that I won in a raffle. It's pretty good and the convenience is great.

As others have said, the price of the pods can be a bit steep but you do get a better cup of coffee than instant and more of a pressed type/expresso type drink than a cafetiere, for example.

It's also worth sampling the different varieties (of pod) available as they vary greatly. When I first got it I tried the teas and hot chocolates which were, to be frank, pretty crap. Now I use it just for coffee, either expresso, latte or americano type and I'm pretty happy with the result. As with all of these types of thing, it's a compromise so if you're a true coffee aficionado then maybe go down a different route.
Tall Clare - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

We have a Philips Senseo which uses things that look more like teabags than metallic pods - the pads are pretty expensive in the UK but Mr TC's relatives bring them over from Belgium, where they're much cheaper. It makes reasonable coffee, but it's not the same as fresh ground from a stovetop/aeropress or cafetiere.
alexm198 - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

I've got a Nespresso Magimix M190 which I really rate. As others have said, first thing in the morning I'll take the time to make a proper cup of coffee, but for a quick and easy espresso, I think it's great.

The cost of the machine itself may look pretty steep but it's cracking build quality and I've not had any issues with mine whatsoever, and I've had it about 3 years now, if not more.

The coffee pods themselves seemed pretty expensive when I bought those too, but as others have said, with offers and vouchers etc, it actually breaks down to a pretty good price in terms of £/cup.
stevieweesaxs107 - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to alexm198:

Picked up a Dolce Gusto in Tesco on offer for £45
Titanium one that G/F Approved off (New Kitchen
Works well is fairly quick small water reservoir
Needs filling up every time if u drink latte or cappuccino
And pods can be had cheap or on offer more often than not.
Not the best coffee by a long way but its decent.
obi-wan nick b - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

They all have a drawback in that they use mediocre coffee that's over roasted to compensate for flavour. So mediocrity in mediocrity out. As TC said above spend the money on good quality coffee from a single estate and use it freshly ground in aeropress or other filter/drip...
Milesy - on 30 Dec 2013
Most ways that make good quality coffee are useless for entertaining impatient guests. I just serve guests who want a plain coffee instant, and keep the slow preperation of good quality coffee to myself.
Tall Clare - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to Milesy:

Steady on - there's no need for instant! (Though I have to confess that Percol do one that's almost reasonable)
mrdigitaljedi - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to VS4b:

just buy a caffetiere and a bag of coffee, far cheaper and better tasting..
Milesy - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to Tall Clare:

Not freeze dried instant - that's a step to far. I will serve that microground instant stuff that comes in wee sachets though. When family come to visit they cant be bothered with me making espresso, or aeropress for them. They are used to drinking crap coffee and dont know or care anyway.
VS4b - on 02 Jan 2014
In reply to Milesy:

Bitten the bullet and ordered a nespresso machine. Will report back once it arrives!

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