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BarmyAlex118 - on 30 Dec 2013

Im thinking of moving on from my current rucksack which is a lowe aloine crag attack to something with a bit more volume and more comfy back system.

Im pretty much stuck between the podsacs alpine 40 / 50 of the alp attack by lowe alpine.

I do realize that backpack choice is rather subjective but some advice would be great .

martinph78 on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

As you have said, it's subjective. I have a Deuter Guide 45+ that I use most of the time now. Tough and carries well. If I could only keep one of my packs I guess it would be this.

What is comfy for me might not be for you though. Isn't this one of those times to have a shopping trip and try plenty on?
crayefish - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

Can't speak highly enough of the Crux range. I have the ak57 (comes in other sizes) and it holds enough for nearly a week's mountaineering (with tent/bivi) while only weighing 1.1kg. Light or what? And they don't sacrifice strength as its made from thick kevlar. Its also reasonably waterproof.

It's very minimalist but despite this I have found it very comfortable... more so than many aussie backpacker specials. The compression straps zigs back and forth three times (on that model) so compresses very well with no bulges.

BUT don't expect any fancy frill such as extra pockets (it has a lid pocket only so it takes a while to learn how to pack it well), cup holders, bottom entry or all those other things. Though it does have have a platypus pouch. It's VERY minimalist! It also looks pretty dull if that sort of thing matters.
BarmyAlex118 - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

I have been looking around when at ambleside for uni but was very indecisive about what i wanted to be honest and what i wanted to use it for in the future too, a few of the shops i went into didn't have the podsacs bag, but had the other one.

At home at the moment in cheltenham and its rather lacking in outdoor shops (thought i could maybe pick up one for a reduced price) and rather reluctant to visit go outdoors
AlH - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

I've had a pod alpine and although it was light i broke every buckle on it twice and fabric was not very durable. They did provide replacement buckles.
Ive had a crux and the shoulder strap tore off when the stitching unravelled.
I've now got a Lowe Alpine Attack and its been comfortable and bombproof for work over the last year and taken a beating on an exped to the greater ranges. its not only going strong it still looks almost as new.
Firestarter on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

I've got a Montane Torque 40 - light, comfortable and hard-wearing. Love it.
aldo56 - on 30 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

Check out the range from Blue Ice or Aiguille!
The Ex-Engineer - on 31 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118: FWIW I've been using a POD Alpine 50 for just about everything over the last 18 months and I'm fairly happy with it. Apart from one buckle breaking (replaced by POD) it has held up well.

I like it because there is enough space for 4 days of back-packing kit, or Scottish Winter mountaineering but it is not too heavy or OTT for heading out cragging or for a day walk. However, I did buy it fairly cheap second hand and don't think it is worth paying the full RRP for it.

needvert on 31 Dec 2013
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

I want a new pack to replace my macpac pursuit, been considering hyperlite mountain gear and cilogear. Hmg packs are kinda neat as the latest gen is seam sealed - folks say they're pretty comfortable too. But I gather that cuben fibre doesn't do as well as nylon in abrasive environments.
RJP - on 31 Dec 2013
Aiguille Alpine packs get my vote, followed by MacPac. Neither are the lightest brands but they should last a long time (btw, some MRTs use Aiguille Alpine for packs they're that good and well priced).

What I liked about Aigulle Alpine the most though is the ability to have your pack customised should you wish to.
Nath93 - on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to BarmyAlex118:

I have an Alpine Attack in 45/55 and I find its a wee bit too big for most stuff unless you are carrying a lot of kit. Don't find it sits well or carry's heavy loads all that good either. Ice axe attachment is good with straight shafted axes but not so good with bent shafted axes. Fine otherwise but it doesn't cinch down all that small once emptied either.

I've been getting away with a 22 litre bag for most of the season and use a stripped down 35 litre one in a ballistic material for my winter stuff without complaint, bought it from go outdoors (£50) a while back and not one seam has came undone yet and thats with about 15 months of heavy use. Shame they don't make them anymore !

Good article here from Cold Thistle about getting a decent fitting bag;


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