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NottsRich on 06 Jan 2014
I'm looking for a decent pair of gloves for my first winter alpine climbing trip. I imagine it will mainly be sunny (ish) south facing routes and bivvy huts.

I've climbed in the summer, but my winter experience is limited to sunny skiing days.

I've got my fair share of gloves for Scottish winter and alpine summer but will need something a bit extra for alpine.

I'm considering over mitts to go over gloves like these for belays:


Or some liners with bulky gloves that I can whip off to fiddle with gear.

Any tips would be appreciated, and even more so would any January sales that people have noticed! Thanks.
NottsRich on 08 Jan 2014
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Any ideas of other places I can find ideas/tips/adivce?
TobyA on 08 Jan 2014
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Probably if you have gloves you trust for Scotland you should use them and just make sure you have some big mitts if everything goes a bit Pete Tong. I recently bought the lighter leather palmed Simond gloves http://www.simond.com/en/cat/Alpinism_clothing/Gloves/prd/Gant_Alpinism_500 and so far have been well impressed with them so the ones you link are probably good. I don't know how warm they would be though. Nevertheless if it's dry you can do a lot in a pair of gloves like that although from using similar Marmot ones I wouldn't recommend them for pure ice climbing. http://lightfromthenorth.blogspot.fi/2012/10/marmot-basic-work-glove-review.html

A medium weight waterproof glove that fits you well (no tightness, but well fitting enough so you can at least place ice screws in them) can work well for cold weather mountaineering. I've got BD punishers at the mo' that I'm so far happy with. Used RAB Latok gloves for some years previously but they had the dreaded seam blow out last winter.
smithaldo - on 08 Jan 2014
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What sort of routes are you thinking and when? I imagine they are your main variables in glove choice.

The south facing bit confused me a little as I am not sure there are that many winter say goulotte style routes like that, and south facing slopes would be exposed to the sun alot more.

I have some outdoor research alpine alibi ii which are great gloves, and when the seam blows or the plam wears out the inifinte guarantee means they replace them no quibbles.

Another guy I know has some outdoor research ski gloves that you can get on ebay for a song (they are green and black but can't remember the name) For bivvying just get some warm mitts.

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