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JonLongshanks on 08 Jan 2014

I just got my first winter boots (Asolo Alpinist GTX) a few weeks back and am still unsure of the fit, and in need of some advice.

Basically they feel great walking on easy terrain, but hurt a bit when I'm going up steeper terrain - there's a lot of pressure on the back of my heel and it lifts up a little off the sole. I can reduce this pressure significantly by flat-footing, but whenever I try frontpointing it's there.

so basically is the fit not right or is it just something to get used to with stiffer boots? and would should I be looking for in an optimum fit (these only need to last me a couple of seasons)
Mountain Llama on 08 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar: hi, once you pop crampons on it tends to amplify any issues. Ideas for reducing heel lift is to get the lace tension ok for your foot and lock the laces in the locking eyelet, then cross the laces over and wrap then round each over twice pull tight and complete lacing quite tight. Hopefully this will hold you heel better. Another idea is to bulk out the tongue to hold your ankle better. Make sure your lace tension around your ankle is tight.

Good luck Davey

JonLongshanks on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:

Does wearing better socks help at all?
Mountain Llama on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar: wearing different thickness socks may help but IMHO heel lift is more to do with ankle to boot shape plus the rake or angle of the boots at the back can help, more rake tends to help with heel lift cos the ankle is prevented from lifting.

If you bought them locally I would go back to the shop and go through your concerns. Any shop worth it's salt will help.

Did you have them fitted in the shop or just buy them online or something? If you had them fitted then definitely go back to the shop.

My other half suffers from heel lift due to having narrow ankles. Have to fix this with boots with a good rake, good fit around the ankle and correct lacing.

HTH Davey

JonLongshanks on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to Mountain Llama:

I'm on such a tight budget that I'm skipping college lunches.

So no I bought them online - I knew not getting a perfect fit would be the downside to this but it was my best attempt to save money.
martinph78 on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:

It sounds to me like the fit is all wrong. A bit of heel lift may be normal with stiff boots when walking up on the toes, but pain/pressure isn't.

If you are lucky you might be able to sell them without too much of a loss, then go to a proper shop and try plenty on for fit. The daft thing is that some of the larger stores would give you a proper boot fit AND price match an online price, so you'd have still saved money and had a boot that fits.

Disappointing I'm sure, but in the long term you'll not regret getting it right. You will regret getting it wrong every time you wear them though.

David Bennett - on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:
Remember you are within your rights to send mail order stuff back within 7 days of receipt. Might be the best thing if they really don't fit.
JonLongshanks on 11 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:

Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll think I'll have to look at getting some others. I don't mind the pressure, but it is annoying and can imagine it would be painful for multi-day use.
Like you said best to get the right pair now rather than regretting the wrong pair.
Chrismith - on 11 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:

If its heel lift thats the main issue, try these:
It is the only thing that worked for me, and ive actually tried everything...
Hope this helps.

crayefish - on 12 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:

I sorted heel lift in my boots with some of those superfeet insoles (green). Worth a try in the shop (should be able to try before buying).

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