/ Repair of a Rab sleeping bag

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RichardP - on 08 Jan 2014
About 25 years ago I bought a Rab Latok, 800gram extra long pretex outer with cotton lining for about £220 (ish)
Over the years it has served me well camping in Wales, The Lakes and Scotland year round and in the Alps during the summer.

The zip started to go a few years ago, and it I sewed up the bottom of the zip and it lasted until a couple of weeks ago when it finally died.

Last Friday I phone Rab and was advised that it would cost me £25+£7.50 (P&P)
they would replace the Zip.

I received the repaired sleeping bag back today and I would like to say "Well done Rab" you still have a very happy customer

martinph78 on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to RichardP:

Nice one. I need to get my Rab bag repaired after some damage during cleaning and have been meaning to give them a call. Think there's a damaged baffle and the down has shifted.

Also, good for you for keeping it going rather than disposing of it. So many people just throw things away these days!
forcan - on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to RichardP:

Good to hear some companies value their customers... A well-regarded stand-by is Lancashire Sports Repairs, always done a good job on assorted bits of my kit in the past...
RichardP - on 09 Jan 2014
In reply to forcan:

To be honest,
when I got a text message saying I had a delivery due, I was racking my brain's.
I didn't expect Rab to turn my sleeping bag around within 24 hours

Maybe it was because it was an easy job for someone to do on their first day back after Xmas.

I'll bare Lancashire Sports Repairs in mind when I need something else repaired
JamButty - on 10 Jan 2014
In reply to RichardP:

Had a similar positive experience with a ripped panel in my old Rab down jacket. This is how customer service should be - just look at the positive press they get out of a fairly cheap and simple effort.

Good on em....

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