/ Scarpa Maestrale vs Maestrale RS - anyone tried both?

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Carless - on 16 Jan 2014
Need some new alpine touring boots & have just about decided on the Scarpa Maestrale's - trying to decide whether normal or RS version

Anyone used both and can describe the differences?

I'm used to skiing in old red Scarpa Denalis

moffatross on 16 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

I ski the RS's and they are the mutt's nut's. Haven't skied both but tried both shells and they are identical. Wildsnow has some comparisons between the two.
mickleby - on 16 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

Just come from back from the alps skiing on piste, thought I would use the RS's when skiing with the family, but so impressed used them all week, for all my skiing, bumps, carves, off-piste and so comfortable.
Richard Bentley - on 16 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

I ski both of these boots. I find them both excellent. I tend to pick up the standard Maestrales if the day is more of a skinning / journey day as they are lighter and flex slightly more. Having said that I have skied some steep icy stuff in the alps with them. The RS's go on the feet when its more backcountry / side country and I also ski patrol in my RS's..
If you are mainly looking at hut to hut alps touring I'd think about the standard Maestrales. If your going to skin / boot pack up to do funky steep lines, or charge down the Valley Blanche go for the RS's.
Whatever boot you go for you won't be disappointed.
Gael Force - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

Get the Maestrales, flex is good...
NottsRich on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

I use the RS, but tried on the Maestrale. Found the fit very different between the two, so settled on the RS. I'm quite light so don't think the difference in flex would have made much difference between the two.
Carless - on 17 Jan 2014
Thanks for the opinions

Tending towards the RSs - will decide definitely when I manage to try both in my size

Hmmm - another trip to Argentiere is calling I think
MG - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

Anyone with wide fore-feet use either Maestrale? OK? If you previously used Matrixes and can compare that would be even better.
Mr. K - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to MG: I've got wide feet and couldn't get comfortable in Maestrales, got fitted in a pair of Scott Cosmos instead which are super-comfy. =o)
MG - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to Mr. K:

Hmm. The trouble is I wide and *large* feet and only Maestrales go (nominally) big enough. The Matrixes are fine for now, thankfully.
Cardi - on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

I ended up getting the Freedom SL as if fitted better for the available sizes. Slightly heavier, but light for its performance. Not many pairs left in the UK apparently.
Srick - on 19 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

Ive had a meastrale the first year it came out. I liked them, but tbh i craved the stiffness of my new BD boots. They will fall apart, but you will have fun till they do!
In reply to Carless: haven't tried both of them but have the rs and I can't fault them at all. See if you can get a set from snow and rock fairly cheaply.
Dave Wynne-Jones on 30 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

Essential to try them on. Maestrales are a low volume boot with a low instep that make them unwearable for people with high insteps. I couldn't get them on in my size whereas a friend could wear a size smaller than his normal size. If you have this problem, the 3 buckle version Scarpa Rush is the answer or the Thrill with a non thermal mouldable inner. However the problem I encountered in Greenland was that by lightening the boots Scarpa have left them with inadequate insulation values for more extreme temperatures so I'm still using my old Lazers that have been to 7500m for those conditions in future.
galpinos on 30 Jan 2014
In reply to Cardi:

Where did you get these from, if you don't mind me asking.....
Cardi - on 30 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

Backcountry in Ilkley, got the last one in my size though!
Stefan Kruger on 31 Jan 2014
In reply to Carless:

I'm selling a pair of Maestrale RS if anyone's interested.


It's a great boot. Sadly incompatible with my lumpy feet.
mike123 - on 17 Feb 2014
In reply to Carless:

just wondering where you got to with this ? did you try both ? what did you think ?
I m just pondering exactly the same question, trade up from denali tt s to maestrales or rs .

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