/ Bouldering in Murcia?

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mreynolds - on 23 Jan 2014

Hi all!

Heading to Murcia in March with a non-climber but going to take my stickies anyway as I've heard there is some bouldering in the area.

Has anyone bouldered here before? And if so, where did you go?

I found one place called "La Luz" but there's no indication of where it is.
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philipivan - on 23 Jan 2014
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Al Evans should know. There was a place on Costa Blanca that was really popular (didn't some of it fall down?) which someone will mention in a minute. Or you could contact Rich at the orange house he may have some topos
Sam Mayfield - on 28 Jan 2014
In reply to philipivan:

there is also a website called norop.es which has bouldering around here.

We found a great spot near us in Orcheta well worth a try if you can find it! The maps aint very helpful, makes you think they donĀ“t really want you to find the venues!

Sam Orange House
Fluvial - on 19 Feb 2014
In reply to mad matt:
I was there a couple of years ago and again this year - there is a bit a DWS going on - much of the rock is quite soft in places near Mazzaron anyway. If you'd like to have directions to the DWS let me know.

In fact I think it was Sam that helped me out.
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