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pawelx - on 23 Jan 2014
I'm in the market for waterproof salopettes. The fit of these works well for me & the price is reasonable compared to say Arcteryx or Mammut products. The braces look a bit flimsy though, and side zippers are probably not waterproof.
Has anyone here got experience with these pants?
Ideally I'd buy full bibs to stop my baselayer from pulling out of my pants when I raise my arms while climbing. But I couldn't find any that would fit well, and these ME pants seem high enough I hope..
Avinash Aujayeb - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to pawelx:

Are they just a shell? Or have some insulation as well?

I sold my Arcteryx ones recently as the shell was not really suited to being dragged around on rocks etc

nawface - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to pawelx:

I went to have a look at them. Thought the crampon patch by the ankles was a bit small.
Avinash Aujayeb - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to nawface:

I think it is really difficult to get the right ones, people have talked about paramo and aspira but they are just not appealing

Montane extreme ones are too warm for walk in

Arcteryx good but could do with some more insulation below

saintlade - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to pawelx:

Hi, if you're looking for more of a bib the Kamchatka look like a good bet (currently looking myself as well). I don't get on with the fit of the Tupilak, it too tight in the thighs for me for high steps, the Kamchatka is a bit more of a relaxed fit but not too baggy, mid waisted, pretty similar but lacking the hypalon patches to protect ice screw scuffs.
LJC - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to pawelx:

My friend trashed his tupilaks pretty quickly which put me off them. I was going to get kamchatkas but opted for patagonia super alpines as they were cheaper and more readily available. Old style pro shall, and Im very pleased with them.
Avinash Aujayeb - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to LJC:
Even in the wet?

They retail at 450£! Bit expensive for me
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pawelx - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to aujayeb:
Just a shell. It's interesting what you wrote about insulated pants. Can you give an example of what you think would work better for climbing than baselayer + goretex shell combo?
I've had 2 pairs of softshell trousers and while I still like them for summer alpine and rock climbing, I've decided that for ice and winter climbing, as well as skiing, I now want something fully waterproof. So having the trousers made of goretex was a requirement of mine. The only goretex insulated trousers that I could find were made primarily for skiing, and as such both too baggy in terms of cut, and having too think insulation.

I' only saw the replies here today and I already bought the trousers on Friday. I'm generally reluctant to buy stuff on the internet without trying, and so I tried on probably 15 different trousers in the past weeks. Tupilaks just fit me best, but I didnt see the Kamchatkas anywhere (I'm in London).. Tupilaks are a bit tight, more so that I would like to see for skiing pants. Then on the other hand I was surprised the Mammut pants were. So maybe it's just a feature of trousers made specifically for climbing? Tupilaks are snug but not restricting the movement so probably ok..
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LJC - on 26 Jan 2014
In reply to pawelx:

They were in the sale, pretty sure you can still find them massively reduced since they brought in the new gore pro fabrics.

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