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Neil Williams - on 27 Jan 2014
What *have* they done to their website? It's horrible to negotiate...

On that basis...have they stopped doing sleeping bags? It looks like, but I can't guarantee it's not just that I can't find any.

Mike-W-99 on 27 Jan 2014
Neil Williams - on 27 Jan 2014
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Kenny Stocker - on 28 Jan 2014
In reply to Neil Williams:

Hi Neil it is true that we still have some work to do on the navigation. Our product line up has changed a little over the past few months with much more emphasis on the UK made products like bouldering mats and bike luggage in particular.

As we stand sleeping bags are indeed 100% sold out, when the situation changes you can be sure they will be very visible on our website. However we have not currently got a date for when this will be.

We know this period of getting our sleeping bag programme back on track is very, very frustrating and we apologise for that, but we don't want to make any false promises we can't meet at this stage.

cheers Kenny
crustypunkuk - on 28 Jan 2014
In reply to alpkid:

Is that the same story for sleeping mats? I had an airo that served me well and hoped to get another!
alpash - on 06 Feb 2014
In reply to crustypunkuk:

Unfortunately, it is looking unlikely that we will be able to offer any mats for sale this season as we have had a real problem with our manufacturing partner. The factory closed down in August 2013 leaving us high and dry without a factory to make our products for 2014. We have been sampling with new factories but have yet to find a new reliable manufacturing partner. We hope to have them back at some point but have no definitive information at the moment.

Ashleigh - Alpkit Customer Service
Antigua - on 06 Feb 2014
In reply to alpash:

Seems hard to believe that in the current climate manufacturers ripping your arms off to get your custom. I'm guessing that this is more of a pricing issue than anything else.

Neil Williams - on 06 Feb 2014
In reply to alpkid:

ah OK.

Timmd on 06 Feb 2014
In reply to alpash:
Is there any chance of Alpkit bringing back the down jacket which was made with a waterproof outer fabric but which had stitching which wasn't (which didn't really matter)?

They'd be ideal for the UK's random dampness.
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KevinJ - on 06 Feb 2014
In reply to Neil Williams:
I had a problem with a couple of product links a few weeks ago. A quick email saw it sorted within a day or so, and a successful order placed.
Subsequent delivery was up to Alpkit's usual high standard.

Kenny Stocker - on 08 Feb 2014
In reply to Timmd:

Not this year Timmd, our energies have been concentrated on:
1. better build quality, detailing and finish of our Filo down jacket - Done.
2. micro rib jacket and vest - Later this year.
3. box wall down jacket - End of year.

More details here :- https://www.alpkit.com/down-clothing

The (Fantom as it was called) is on the list but we have a lot of other things to get right first

crustypunkuk - on 08 Feb 2014
In reply to alpash:

ok. Appreciate the reply. Don't suppose you've got any lying about hidden in a cupboard over there at Alpkit hq do you?
crustypunkuk - on 08 Feb 2014
In reply to alpkid:

I must say, I find it admirable that you've decided to concentrate on improving the quality of your products rather than just pumping a huge range of shite out (not that your previous policy was this) . Well done you, and i will happily continue to use your products with pride.
Timmd on 09 Feb 2014
In reply to Kenny Stocker:

Cool, so long as it's on the list I'm not miffed at missing out.

Maybe if the whole jacket was made from the same fabric, perspiration wouldn't affect the down like it can in other down jackets, and a liner could make it nice to wear?

I look forward to Fantom mark 2. ()

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